Got goats?


January 10, 2013 by Carole


Meet Cash and Carter, our sweet Nigerian Dwarf goats. In April, these brothers from different mothers (and dads) will be a year old. We adopted Cash (he looks like the baby deer) at less than a week old, when we were at a benefit barrel race last April. His mom was a show goat and couldn’t “compromise her udders” by nursing so Princess and I got to bottle feed ALOT. And, I got to work in every opportunity possible to use the phrase “compromise my udders”. Just a quick side note: If you take your baby goat to the horse show, because you have to bottle feed him every couple of hours, every person under the age of 80 will want to hold him. If it’s especially hot that day, he will poop and throw up all over you when you finally get him out of the clutches of the Pony Class kids.

Two weeks later, we adopted Carter (he looks like the baby cow). He was also the product of a prize show goat. And, so the extreme bottle feeding began. Princess conveniently had to go to school everyday, so I got to learn how to bottle feed out of both hands and expertly switch empty bottles for full. The boys eventually moved to a yummy goat feed (a lot of it) but still love to be held when they get fed. They are the perfect pets…they love you, go to bed when it’s dark, don’t smell, and live outside in their own house. Hmmm…goats are sounding better than teenagers.

Sitting on the deck and watching the boys play is the perfect end to a long day at work. This picture is representative of one of those perfect days.

3 thoughts on “Got goats?

  1. bhoyt10 says:

    Better than teenagers? Lol. You maybe right, less expensive, you don’t have to cook for them, and they don’t sass. Where were you sixteen years old with this knowledge? Carter and Cash are super cute!

  2. Angela Stricklin says:

    I vote you get a female goat for them…they need a sister…

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