Pruning Therapy


January 11, 2013 by Buffy

I love to do some pruning!  I’m taking advantage of Arkansas’ freak warm day in January to get some pruning done.  I wish I loved housework like I love pruning (my family wishes I loved cleaning more too).  I think there is something therapeutic about conquering some wild shrubs. Of course the therapy comes from what you are visualizing while





you whack them down.  I know most people (as my neighbor informed me in the middle of my project) would do this in February, but I had some damage from the heavy snow that I could not stand.  I love the feeling of accomplishment once that shrub is a fraction of its  former self.

4 thoughts on “Pruning Therapy

  1. heatherfolks says:

    The only thing I like more than a good slash and burn pruning is throwing things away. I have what we call “domestic bulimia” at our house. Just purge purge purge! Very therapeutic, I think. I don’t tend to shop a whole lot, so I always wonder where all this crap comes from. Kids. I blame the kids.

  2. bhoyt10 says:

    Thanks Heather. I’m going to try to catch your “Domestic Bulimia” around this place next week. I hope I can find it as satisfiing as pruning. I hate house work!

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