Blondie’s Mom


January 20, 2013 by fbeldin

Hi everyone! I am very new at this blogging so bare with me. I am Blondie’s mom and boy what a chore it is to be her mom. The hair color says enough. Right now during the winter months my mucking chores are no fun. I am up at 5 am to feed the horses while Blondie gets her beauty sleep. Blondie is busy with other sports right now so it seems to be moms chore to try and ride all the horses before horse show time to get them in shape. So right now me and the horses are trying to lose our winter weight. Lord knows we all hibernated this winter.

I have three horses I am working on right now and there names are Bruiser (Blondie’s ride), Whiskey (My new barrel prospect), and Bubbles my two year old who is as Blonde as my daughter brain wise. They are like having three extra kids. Bubbles is the worst as far as being nosy. You will find her right beside you in the pasture to see what you are doing and she loves to check things out. A few weeks ago she checked out a skunk and she smelled so awful Bruiser didn’t want to stand beside her. They have had there rabies shots so don’t worry.

My husband also had the bright idea that we needed a chicken coup as if I needed something else to take care of or feed. He built these cute little doors on it that slide up and down and the step ladder for them to get into the coup. We were in the house relaxing when we heard a big bang outside and then it was one bang after the other. When my husband went to see and he found Bubbles who had decided it was fun to pick the step ladder up and slam it down on the ground over and over. Not to mention while he was working on it she decided to help him by standing on the platform to make sure it was sturdy enough for the chickens, and pick up tools he just left lying around. He couldn’t be mad at her for helping very long because she is so funny and curious. Needless to say I went out to check on them and found Bubbles standing under the shed watching him work. I could tell she had been in trouble by the sad look she gave me as if to say “I was only trying to help”. As soon as I walked thru the gate she was by my side knowing she could go back to the chicken coup with me and I would protect her. My husband was like that horse won’t leave me alone and she dropped her head as she stood beside me watching him. Bubbles seems to think she is human and that is part my fault. I laughed as he talked about her mischief she had been in and then when I was leaving I told Bubbles she better come too so she wouldn’t get into trouble. As if she knew what I said she turned around and went back to the shed to stand. This is just a few of the things that goes on in our everyday lives. I am excited to share my stories with everyone and hope you enjoy them as well.

One thought on “Blondie’s Mom

  1. Carole says:

    Can’t wait to hear all the stories of Bruiser, Bubbles, and Whiskey, and of course, Blondie!

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