Stormy night in Arkansas


January 29, 2013 by Buffy

Remember that balmy 70 degree weather I bragged about, it didn’t last!   It went out with some big storms.   We spent some quality family bonding time together in the storm cellar.

BP,JQ and Peetee

BP,JQ and Peetee

Yes, we have the dog in the storm cellar with us.  Peetee is family.

Spotty and JQ

Spotty and JQ

Spotty was delighted to try out the new lantern he made from a soda can.   It worked like a charm.

Spotty's Lantern

Spotty’s Lantern

The kids were good sports.  We were lucky, no storm damage and we didn’t have to stay in the cellar for long.  We did learn a few things tonight.  BP learned there is no wi-fi in the storm cellar.  I learned there are a few things you don’t want to hear when you are trapped together in the storm cellar. “Check out that spider!”  And “Sorry, I tooted!”  Oh, the family fun.  Stay safe everyone.


4 thoughts on “Stormy night in Arkansas

  1. Grammie Moore says:

    Thank you, Lord, for keeping my family safe.

  2. Sharon says:

    I want to see how he made the lantern. He is so smart.

  3. Glad your family stayed safe. I’m afraid I’d be trying to take my cow and calf into the cellar! I can replace the pig but not my cow! Do you keep supplies and a way to cook in there? We don’t have much in the way of tornadoes here in WV but once in a while we’ll get a watch. I really need to work on what we keep in the cellar for that type of emergency.

    • bhoyt10 says:

      We just keep a few candles in there. The weather tracking has gotten so exact that we are usually only in there for about an hour at a time. I do usually grab some snacks for the kids! A charged cell phone is our best resource along with friends that live in another county that can tell us when the storm has passed. We have learned all the sweet spots for cell service in the storm cellar.

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