I see green!!!


March 25, 2013 by Carole

We are in the middle of what I like to call “monsoon season” here in Arkansas. Meaning, although today may be a beautiful day to plant and you are in shorts and a tee shirt, tomorrow may be a high of 45 with a chance of rain and sleet. And, when it does rain, it’s not a sprinkle, it’s torrential rains. With these crazy weather issues, you can see how starting a garden in March in zone 7a is a little difficult. We have friends that have all their crops in the ground. I’m so envious, as I’ve been too busy cleaning dog paws, rinsing mud boots, sweeping up mud tracks, and washing jackets and gloves to take advantage of the few pretty days we’ve had. So, I decided to do what any working mom in my situation would do…use my lunch hour to do a little seed sowing. After all, it only seems to be nice outside during the week from 8 to 5. I started with a few containers.
pre spinach and ssp (1)

It’s important to know at this point that I am completely clueless and most of my knowledge comes from advice from the other Mucking Moms and lots of pins on Pinterest. One of these containers is supposed to hold spinach and the other sugar snap peas. The spinach was planted in rows and the sugar snap peas were planted in various pieces of cardboard (aka toilet paper and paper towel rolls).

Once all the seeds were covered by dirt, they were moved outside to enjoy the daily dose of sunshine and encouraged to grow. After one week, one of the pea pods seem to want to come up. week 1 ssp It’s the white spec in the middle of the picture.

At this point, I was getting discouraged. Lucky for me, one of the Moms had to haul a horse over during Spring Break so the Posse could trail ride. She checked out my one poor pea and explained that my soil probably just needed to warm up and to bring those babies inside. Oh my!! Within three days, we were GREEN. day 12 sspday 11 spinach

Now…if it will just stay pretty long enough to get it transplanted in the ground!

4 thoughts on “I see green!!!

  1. jdncl says:

    Hello! I was searching for blogs to follow, and I found yours. Coincidentally, I am from Arkansas too! Holy cow it was Freezing today! I want Spring!

  2. Green = Hope!! Thank you for sharing. We are covered in snow right now, in Illinois.

  3. Way to go! Looks like you will have a good crop!

  4. Congratulations on successful sowing! I keep meaning to use the loo roll idea too. A I’m in England, our weather hasn’t been good enough for any growth spurts yet. Come on sunshine!

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