Crazy Cow


March 26, 2013 by Buffy

I was just getting excited about some gardening when………….


Dear Ms. Crazy Cow,

Stay out of my garden!  Go Home!  And don’t tell your friends that the grass is greener and tastier on my side of the fence!


B. Hoyt


At least Spotty and I ran her off before she got my crispy sweet lettuce.  I covered these with tomato cages until Farmer Rick can do some fence repairs.  Sometimes I’m amazed that we get any produce between the weather, pest and critters.





2 thoughts on “Crazy Cow

  1. I have the same problem at my house! And I’m always amazed how far they can stretch their heads through barbed wire. grrr

  2. Our critters, a Jersey and her 9 mnth. old calf, a sow and a pot belly pig, and a flock of chickens are currently on the loose. The cows will soon be fenced with a rotational grazing plan and the big pig has a pen we have yet to put her in and the chickens were eating their eggs when confined so are loose again to be eaten themselves by whatever predator was taking them before confining them. Sigh. We can’t plant yet anyway because it’s been too wet to work the ground and we have to feed those critters so much less when they’re loose. Best of luck keeping critters from your food! 🙂

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