How my garden grows


April 25, 2013 by Buffy


It has been the coldest Spring ever!  And wet too!  Or maybe it was just how early Easter was this year, that is making it seem like the coldest Spring ever.  I’m sure I’ll be complaining about the heat and humidity soon enough.  But for now my garden is finally starting to grow!  The fence was mended so no more crazy cow in the garden.


I have potatoes!  Two varieties, Yukon gold and basic red.  I got a lot of negative feed back on the yellow Yukon, so I side dressed this row with basic red potatoes.  Only the harvest will tell which is the winner.


We planted onions, red and yellow.  They are looking good, even though we have never had any luck with these in the past.  I use a lot of onions making salsa and I am tired of buying them.  So, we are trying again.


A new addition to the garden this year is lettuce.  I am loving it!  I have already harvest several bowls full.  I hope it stays this pretty all sumer long!


Tomatoes are off to a great start! I know the cages are a bit unneeded now, but just wait, soon these little guys will fill them up and shoot out the top! Yum, these are my favorite!


Cucumbers and squash are planted in this row.  They haven’t sprouted yet, but they have only been in the ground for a few days. I expect sprouts any time now since they got a nice rain yesterday.  The cages are over the cucumbers because I like them to grow up instead of spreading on the ground.  This makes them much easier to pick! They will fill up the cages and climb out the top too!

There will be more vegetables added later as the weather permits.  It is inspiring to watch it grow!

June 2012 garden

June 2012 garden

This is a picture of last years garden!

2 thoughts on “How my garden grows

  1. Looking good! What kind of tomatoes?

    • bhoyt10 says:

      I grow several different varieties of tomatoes. I have big boys, celebrity, Arkansas traveler and Roma. I love Roma for canning, and their dependability to produce a lot of tomatoes.

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