Garden update: squash season is here


June 5, 2013 by Buffy

image Our garden is growing great, but I am still fighting the Colorado potato beetle and some very nasty squash bugs. I have saved the potatoes but I am now finding beetles on my tomatoes.  So, I have resprayed with spinosad. I am hoping this wipes out the little demon beetles! I also, sprayed the squash bugs with a mixture of blue dawn dish soap and water. This has been very successful at killing them.

Our squash has finally began to produce.

Our okra is up and needs thinning. It also needs a few more dry days! It has been too wet to get in this end of the garden.

Our peppers could use a few more dry days too, but I am starting to see a few little peppers!

My favorite new vegetable in our garden is this lettuce! Our neighbors grew it last year and had lettuce all summer long. I hope mine last, but I have already lost a few plants to bugs. My kids are even eating salad with this lettuce!


This is the first year we have had any luck growing onions. They are starting to bulb up!

Farmer Rick’s peas are still looking pitiful so I deemed them not photo worthy today, maybe next week. Happy gardening everyone!

4 thoughts on “Garden update: squash season is here

  1. What ratio of Dawn to water do you use? Interesting!

    • bhoyt10 says:

      A work friend of Farmer Rick said to mix a generous squirt of liquid dish soap with water to kill squash bugs. So I used a quarter of a cup of Dawn to three quarts of water. You must spray directly on the bugs. I just checked recipes out on the web and it looks like they recommend one tablespoon Dawn per spray bottle (quart?).

  2. colonialist says:

    Pity the squash don’t squash the squash bugs all on their own – but I like your organic solution!

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