A Hot Southern Favorite!


August 6, 2013 by Buffy

Our garden is producing a wonderful bounty of Summer veggies.

imageOne of my favorite vegetables is okra.  We always plant okra last in the Spring because it doesn’t thrive until the weather gets hot.  The okra is thriving in our hot Arkansas weather right now.

There is no prettier flower in the garden than the okra flower!


Then comes the beautiful green okra!  (Not as exotic as the Blonde Gardener’s super cool burgundy okra. Check that out hereThe Blonde Gardener )


And of course okra is at its best when it has been rolled in corn meal and deep fried! Yum!


My California cousin lives too far away to share in the garden bounty so I’m sending her some seed so she can grow some yummy okra too.


My okra plants are about 6 foot tall this year. I swear you can see the humidity in this photo.  It’s a hot one out there today!

2 thoughts on “A Hot Southern Favorite!

  1. Beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. thanks for the shout out! I’ll save you some red okra seed, friend.
    Summer is not summer without fried okra!

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