Pampered Ponies!


August 12, 2013 by Buffy

I got to thinking, our blog is called Mucking Moms, but there are no mucking post!  Well, this time of year there is plenty of mucking going on!  JQ’s paint horse has to be stalled during the Summer days to keep him from sun burning.  (I know that’s crazy, right?). All the horses are pretty spoiled to coming into the barn under their fans during the heat of the day at the Bar O Ranch where our horse stays. So each morning we clean stalls, put down fresh pine shaving bedding, fill water buckets and scoop grain into feed buckets.  JQ is really great about doing all these chores, I just help out when she is away. (She is away again, on her third vacation of the Summer.  The horses aren’t the only ones spoiled around here.)


The horses wait at the gate when they get hot!


They run into their stalls to find their morning grain, some hay, a fresh bucket of water and a cool fan to keep the flies away.  (Okay, so they wander into the barn.  That’s okay, remember it is hot out!)


And of course they will need to be watered several times while they are stalled. (We don’t have those fancy self watering things.)  So we go to the barn and water several times during the day.  The horses usually seem a little annoyed that we are interrupting their naps when we water.   They are very spoiled!image


After they get their evening grain they go back out to play in the pasture like normal horses!  Of course they leave quite a mess in their stall that will need to be cleaned again!  And so the life of a mucking mom continues!  Luckily we all share the care of the horses so JQ and I have a lot of help.  In the summer we usually do the morning chores and our friends do the evening chores.  This keeps the work from being overwhelming and allows the horses to have the pampered life they have become a custom to living.  Are your horses pampered like this?


5 thoughts on “Pampered Ponies!

  1. I grew up with Morgan show horses. They live the life. Hay 3x a day in their stalls, they live inside and get turned out on a daily rotation (unless its show season, then they have to go in a small turnout so as not to pull a shoe.) Fresh bedding everyday, water buckets get scrubbed every day.. It goes on and on. Horses are a full time job!

  2. mellchan says:

    I couldn’t imagine trying to stall horses without having automatic waterers! We also have a guy that comes every morning and mucks out the stalls….now I feel spoiled lol. The things we do for our horses…sounds like you do a lot to keep them comfy! Great work!!

  3. We’ve never had horses, but the show cattle were sure pampered like this! Lots of time and work put into keeping them happy. 🙂

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