How to get a whole bucket of tomatoes to fit in one small jar.


August 13, 2013 by Buffy

I had a bucket full of beautiful tiny Roma tomatoes.  What to do with them?  I have canned more tomatoes this year than ever.  So I needed a new idea.


After reading where several other bloggers had dehydrated tomatoes, I decided to give it a try.


I sliced the tomatoes in half and lightly salted them. I even peppered one tray, which turned out amazing.

imageI placed them in the magic dehydrator, which I own but have never used!  I left them drying over night.


It was like magic.  A whole bucket of tomatoes now fits in one tiny jelly jar.


I can’t wait to dehydrate something else.  What should I try next?  Bananas?  Apples?  Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “How to get a whole bucket of tomatoes to fit in one small jar.

  1. I think a dehydrator is going on my wish-list!

  2. Littlesundog says:

    I dehydrate my homegrown herbs. You can’t believe how fragrant your own dried herbs are compared to store-bought. I store them in leaf form in a glass jar until I’m ready to use them. I powder them with a mortar and pestle when I am ready to use.

  3. The Dancing Rider says:

    That is quite a process. Enjoyed the entry. Plus, they look good!

  4. sarasinart says:

    I do carrots and celery when they’re cheap in the summer, to put into soups and recipes in the winter. Also, lots of tomatoes! I also do collards. They get like dried leaves, like you find laying in the yard, like paper. They can break into small pieces and I don’t care! Then I throw them into soups in the winter too. I eat meat, but not much at a time, for general health reasons, so I cram as many veggies into a soup or stew as I can. Now you’re in to the fun of dehydrating. Good luck finding other things to do!

  5. sarasinart says:

    Oh I should have added………..don’t try doing onions in the house, unless you want to spend all day crying, cos when their juices release into the air, it’s bad, lol!

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