Still waiting on Spring


February 26, 2014 by Buffy

With 2 weeks till the start of rodeo season, JQ and Prancer are doing what they have been doing since Thanksgiving, soaking Prancer’s sore foot.  The vet came on Friday and ordered a week of stall rest and more soaking!  Prancer is acting like a teenage boy that has been put on bed rest!  He has a lot of bottled up energy and it is taking every trick in the book to hold him still while soaking his foot.  Of course stall rest, means lots of mucking!


We have a lot of things going on right now.  We are remodeling our chicken coop.  I’ll post photos in a couple of weeks when it gets warm enough to finish painting.


Farmer Rick has finally raised some prize bunnies! O.k., so they don’t look like prize bunnies yet.  They are only 3 days old.  In a few weeks they will look like prize winning English spot bunnies.


And I am nursing along my first tomato plants raised from seeds!  We don’t have a green house so I am just moving them from sunny window to sunny window!  So far so good.


My pepper seeds aren’t showing any signs of life, so I am trying a trick passed on from one of the other Mucking Moms.  Yes, they are setting on a heating pad!


I’m still dreaming of warm weather and planting out in the garden!

6 thoughts on “Still waiting on Spring

  1. Farmgirl says:

    Looks like Spring at your house!

  2. Was going to start some tomatoes this weekend, but with ice coming (grrr) I guess I’ll wait. I’ve been sniffing potting soil at Walmart instead. 🙂

    • bhoyt10 says:

      It is my first time to start tomatoes and peppers from seed! Trying to keep busy till it warms up! Working on a chicken coop too, not quiet as cute as yours! But I need it to get above freezing to finish painting!

  3. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Once you get them germinated (they need high temps to do so), they start growing like weeds!

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