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March 14, 2014 by Buffy

After a year of blogging and following lots of other garden blogs from all over the world, I have to say I’m really inspired to try some new ideas in the garden this year.  I was also inspired by fellow Mucking Mom, Carole.  While my ideas may not be new to you, they are new to me and exciting!  


I read blog after blog where everyone was starting their own garden seeds!  Some people had beautiful green houses and some just had a sunny window.  Carole sprouted  all sorts of great vegetable seeds last year! And she had never tried it before!

This is a first for me have raised my own tomato plants and pepper plants from seed!  Here in the house with no special green house, just a sunny window. How super easy was that!  My tomatoes had a +90% germination rate.  They also sprouted very quickly!  They were all up with in a week.


My peppers on the other hand, took a little longer and a trick Carole learned last Spring.  She set her seed tray on a heating pad to help her seeds germinate.  This trick worked like a charm!  Now I have lots of little pepper plants!


The most exciting thing about learning to start my own seeds is that I will never be limited by the garden center’s limited selections again!  I can affordably grow organic and heirloom plants!  So excited!  New varieties for the garden!


Do you have any good recommendations for seeds I should start?  I’ll share another new garden inspiration in my next post!

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