What a delightful surprise!


April 2, 2014 by Buffy

I pulled back the straw from my asparagus patch today!  Look what I found!  My first asparagus.  Isn’t it lovely!


I also found a few more!


My kids won’t be excited, but Farmer Rick and I are delighted!  Hoping for years and years of Spring asparagus!  I’ll be adding a few more crowns to the bed!  So I needed to trim up Farmer Rick’s (farmer’s market impulse purchased) fig tree that is planted in the middle of my asparagus bed!  Look what I found while looking for the limb saw!


Yes!   A fully charged power tool!   So I asked, “Do you think this blade is made for cutting tree limbs?”  No one answered! (I was home alone just me, the chickens and dog.) So only one way to find out!


Oh yeah!  It made quick work of several limbs around the yard!  No wonder men love power tools!

I found these beauties while I was wondering the yard trimming things!


Any blog friends have any pointers on asparagus?


8 thoughts on “What a delightful surprise!

  1. any american man says:

    Nice! FYI – that is def not a wood blade in the reciprocating saw – but who cares!

  2. Littlesundog says:

    I researched asparagus that would do well in the heat of the south before planting crowns. I came up with UC-157 which is not genetically modified. This is my 3rd year and last year (the first year I could pick) it produced very well. I started cutting this week on this spring’s crop. Each year it spreads, which is of course, just fine with me!

  3. No tips on asparagus, but my hubby has learned to lock his power tools up from me, since I ask those questions like yours a lot, when he’s not home, and make myself useful!

    • Buffy says:

      It must be a man thing! They don’t want us to figure out how easy they make jobs! I have thought of a few more thing to trim today!

      • It’s all fun and giggles until I buy my own power tools, or my mom gifts them to me for holidays, and then it’s him who wants to borrow them! I’ve made my own little cubby in the garage and when one’s missing, I just trot right on over and ask him where he’s put it this time 🙂

  4. Leslie says:

    We were blessed to buy a home with an asparagus patch, so all I’ve done is pick it and burn it off. I hope to learn some from you! 🙂

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