Trash Can face lift


April 11, 2014 by Buffy

Remodeled chicken coop

Remodeled chicken coop

Our recent chicken coop remodel has caused sequencing around our back yard.  Sequencing as defined by our friends the Hughes – purchasing or upgrading one item that then causes you to purchase and upgrade other items because they look terrible next to the new item!  Example: t.v. goes out.  You buy a new bigger t.v.  Doesn’t look good in the entertainment center, so you get a new entertainment center.  Then it is bigger then the old entertainment center so you move it to another wall.  The old wall paint hasn’t faded behind the old center, so now you need to paint the walls.  Of course the living room walls run into the hall walls and now you will need to paint them too.  Of course with the new tv, new entertainment center, and new paint the carpet looks terrible, so it will need to be replaced!   And this goes on and on and on…. You get the point! Sequencing!  It is what makes you cry when the t.v. goes out!  We have all lived it!  Now you have a name for it!

Well, back to my trash can face lifting!  Now that we have painted and remodeled the chicken coop, the shed beside it was looking pretty bad.  So I have been painting it!  It has been a slow, boring process.

Newly painted shed

Newly painted shed

Since I was covered in paint, I really should have been having some fun.  I love to paint. It is such a quick easy way to brighten things up.   I needed something more interesting than a shed to paint.  I noticed that the metal trash can that I keep extra chicken feed in was looking pretty ugly next to the cute coop.

Ugly metal trash can

Ugly metal trash can

I thought a fresh coat of paint would liven it up!


Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was a good start at covering the rust.  I wanted something with a little personality.  Maybe a sunflower?  So I checked Pinterest for paintings of sunflowers.  There were some great ones, but far to advanced for my zero skill level.  I decided-what the heck.  I have extra spray paint if it turns out too ugly I can just spray over it.  So here it is!  My attempt at a sunflower.

Trash can lid

Trash can lid

What do you think? I was going for sunflower, but I think it looks like a marigold.

Finished trash can!

Finished trash can!




My favorite paint brush- q- tips!  They are disposable!  I hope I have inspired you to add a fresh coat of paint to something, but beware it can lead to sequencing!  I have a few more painting projects lined up that I will share in the coming weeks.

7 thoughts on “Trash Can face lift

  1. Leslie says:

    Ha, I love having a word for that, I would probably just call it updating. And you’re absolutely right, we’ve been doing a little of that in our garden lately-the new greenhouse makes the garden look pitiful which means new borders and pathways!
    I love the trashcan, it looks so cheerful!

    • Buffy says:

      Thanks Leslie! My husband may have a heart attack when he sees my hardware charges this month. It is my favorite place to shop! He started this sequencing when he moved the chicken coop.

  2. I love it and think it looks great! I am (hopefully) going to paint a partial sunflower on my chicken coop door but have zero painting ability. I have already penciled in on–now to just get the courage to start. You have inspired me!

  3. Bill says:

    I love it! But now you’ve caused me to realize how drab our chickenfeed trashcan is. 🙂

    I have to smile at your “sequencing” description. We ended up restoring an entire house that way. The porch was falling down so we rebuilt it. But it looked funny because it was freshly painted and the rest of the house wasn’t. So we painted the house, which really made the old windows stand out, so we replaced those, etc. etc. By the time the sequencing ended we had built an addition onto the house. 🙂

    • Buffy says:

      Thanks Bill! It is funny how we have all lived this! I hope you are having warmer weather than us. We are under a freeze warning! Come on Spring, we all have lots of projects that need warmer weather! Sequencing on hold till it’s warm enough to go outside!

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