Egg Wow!


April 27, 2014 by Buffy

I bet this was painful!


Egg Wow!

Egg Wow!


Do your hens lay “egg wow” eggs?

13 thoughts on “Egg Wow!

  1. I am glad to see that egg. I have 2 hens that were given to me and one lays eggs like that periodically. I thought it was a mutant so tossed it when I came across it. Crazy!!!

  2. Grammie says:

    Have your camera handy when you crack it. Wonder if it will have a double yoke.
    Maybe your chicks need some oil in their diet.

  3. Leslie says:

    Haha, that is awesome!
    I was always impressed with my Leghorns’ eggs. They were some of my smallest hens, but I could hardly close the carton with their eggs in it! It still wasn’t as WOW as that one though.

  4. I’ve had a couple WOW eggs but not as WOW as yours!

  5. bluebunny01 says:

    That is really big – we have a couple of hens at the moment who are laying double yolkers – I am so glad I am not a hen. Our dogs also love eggs – they get all the cracked ones. Every time the kids on the campsite find a cracked egg they shout that it is for Daisy Dog’s dinner. We eat the mutant ones!

  6. Littlesundog says:

    These are usually double-yolkers and just as delicious as any other egg. They might look strange, but I consider them unique and outstanding!! Woot!!

  7. lizard100 says:

    I’d definitely still eat them. That’s impressive. Not much chance our bantams will lay that size egg though.

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