Garden update -first week of May


May 2, 2014 by Buffy

It has been a long busy week!  The tornado destruction in Arkansas has been unbelievable!  The kindness I’ve seen for Arkansas has been remarkable!  We were blessed to only get rain here, but we have been heartbroken for the families we know that have lost everything!    We have tried to help were we can, and we will continue.  Many prayers and donations are still needed during this stressful time!  Our garden is our stress reliever and it had been neglected all week, but last night Farmer Rick and I took out a week of stress on it!  It is looking great!



Farmer Rick ran the tiller and I pulled weeds.  Our beets can now be identified.



Our carrots are coming along slowly.



We have green beans, peas, and butter beans up and growing.

Beans & peas

Beans & peas

Tomatoes are coming along nicely!



Here is a photo of us working together in the garden! Well, Farmer Rick working and me  watching!

Farmer Rick and I

Farmer Rick and I

I hope all is growing well in your garden!

6 thoughts on “Garden update -first week of May

  1. The garden looks awesome!! We have been blessed also only having to deal with temperatures in the 40’s and LOTS of rain but that is nothing compared to others misfortunes. Praying for them all

  2. Glad to hear your area is okay. Wild weather going on, for sure. Thanks for the update!

  3. Leslie says:

    I’m again jealous of your garden! We’re hoping to get SOMETHING in the ground here, now that it’s finally been above freezing for about a week. We’ve had plenty of rain here too, but nothing like your area has probably dealt with. Glad that’s all you’ve had!

  4. The stories about the lives lost and devastation from the tornados are heart breaking. Glad you all are ok. The garden looks great! So glad you have someone to help with garden chores!

    • Buffy says:

      I taught 1st grade at Mayflower for 4 years! I know so many friends, students and teachers that have damage or lost everything! We helped in Mayflower a couple days last week and in Vilonia on Saturday. One of our sweet horse show friends lost everything in Vilonia including her horse. It is just heartbreaking!

  5. Emily Grace says:

    Beautiful garden!

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