Garden update- very very wet


May 16, 2014 by Buffy


It has been a very cool and wet week in the garden.  We have picked lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower.



Our squash is blooming even though the bloom is bigger than the squash leaves.  I’m hoping these get bigger.


Our cucumbers have started to climb and bloom.  We grow them in wire cages just like our tomatoes.  They climb right up and it makes finding and picking the cucumbers much easier!  It also helps save garden space.


One row of our tomatoes is growing strong and beautiful.


One row of our tomatoes is pitiful.  They are from the same seeds that were started on the same day.  It is a mystery! Yes, there really are tomatoes planted in this row.


Our Brussels sprouts are looking promising.  Farmer Rick is the only one excited about that!


I put on my knee-high muck boots and waded though the mud adding more straw to the potato row.  Spotty helped me.  He enjoyed picking the Colorado potato beetles off and smashing them.  Yes, I’m still losing the battle!  I’m very worried about the beetles invading my tomatoes too.  There are a couple of volunteer sunflowers in the front of the potato row.  We love sunflowers!


This week’s rain helped our pea and sunflower seeds sprout.  We planted a whole row of sunflowers along the fence at the right edge of the garden.  I’ll show you when they get larger!  How is your garden growing?

11 thoughts on “Garden update- very very wet

  1. Looks great! We had frost here last night. 😦 I didn’t get a chance to go check the garden today, but I am hoping for the best.

  2. UGH…if you look on my blog you will see we have had nothing but rain for 14 days. (I won’t complain too much as we are blessed not to be flooding or having wildfires!!). All of my plants are started and the gardens are tilled but can’t get in there to plant anything!! Going to be a late harvest for us in Buffalo, NY so until then I will enjoy watching your garden!!

  3. Beautiful garden! It’s a muddy mess here. No hurry on us planting pumpkins/gourds … but I want to get the other items planted!

  4. Buffy, I’m so jealous. We haven’t planted the first thing in the garden yet but that’s a good thing because the weather people are warning of a harsh frost tomorrow night and chilly temps tonight. I’ve brought in all the flowers I had potted last weekend and moved as much as I can to the covered front porch. This makes me so sad because our fruit trees are full of little balls of fruit in the way of apples, peaches, plums and pears. We’ll probably lose most of it. I’m so ready for cold weather to go away until next fall.

    • Buffy says:

      Fingers crossed hoping the frost misses you! We had a miserably cool day today! It was wet, cloudy, windy and stayed in the low 50’s. If my garden hangs in there from all this wet and cold, I will be amazed!

  5. Bill says:

    We had over 3 inches of rain a couple of days ago, following a couple of days with highs in the 90s. Now it’s gotten very cool with tonight’s low forecast to be 39 (!), which will be a record I think. All that rain washed out my newly planted watermelon garden and has delayed finishing up everything else. Not that it would grow in these temps. Crazy weather.

    I chuckled at your tomato story. The same thing happened to me. I seeded two flats of tomatoes with identical seed. One came in great and the other looks pitiful. I planted them both and we’ll see what happens.

    I’m enjoying following the progress of your garden. I hope you’re soon harvesting abundantly!

    • Buffy says:

      Thank you Bill! We have had 3 nights in a row of 40 degrees and have not seen the sun much since Tuesday! No garden growing happening here! I hate to hear about your watermelons.

  6. My poor little garden. Sigh. I take heart in the knowledge there is a farmers market across the street from my work every Thursday evening.

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