Critter Problem


May 29, 2014 by Buffy

It has been brought to my attention that my youngest child may have a problem.  Here is Spotty! You’ve seen him lately.  He looks pretty normal right?


This is Spotty at a recent E.R. visit. Yes, he is still smiling!  He is smiling because they just told him he gets to keep his raccoon for 14 days.  He caught it in his live trap and took a bloody bite on the finger when he tried to bring the trap to show me his catch.  (It was not really an E.R. injury but it was after clinic hours, so the doctor’s office told us to go to the E.R.)


What 10-year-old boy wouldn’t smile at a pet raccoon?  His mom was not smiling.  I had to keep a raccoon alive for 14 days and watch it for signs of rabies!  I had to keep the kid, the dogs and the chickens away from it and keep it alive.  It was pressure I really didn’t need, while I prayed it didn’t have rabies.

They both survived!

They both survived!

This is when a friend brought up the point that Brandon always has some animal caught.  So I gave a quick glance through my mobile uploads to Facebook.  HOUSTON, WE MAY HAVE A PROBLEM!


I guess I should have realized it when he hung this sign next to the front door last Summer.


I went over and over the dangers of wild animals for the whole 10 days, 3 times a day, while he was on antibiotics for his raccoon bite.  I really thought he heard me until…..



Yes!  That is Spotty again!  This time he is holding a baby bird! (A sand piper I think.)  Obviously, no lesson learned here.  It is going to be a long exciting Summer.  Do your kids bring you critters they find?  It is normal right?


9 thoughts on “Critter Problem

  1. Oh the joys of boys!! Yes, this is a problem with many who live near wildlife. I never know what my son or our dog will bring home dead or alive next!! Great post and pictures!!

  2. Jodi says:

    Oh my! I laughed so hard reading this, I’m worried we may have things like this coming our way in a few years. That’s quite the collection of critters he has!

    • Buffy says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I was limited by what I could fit in the photo collage! He catches something daily! I enjoyed reading your blog earlier. You know horses need company! I see more in your future!

  3. I would say, “Boys!” but I was a lot like that when I was a kid. He needs to start a zoo. 😉

  4. Leslie says:

    I love this!!!
    My son (5) is actually my analytical, hesitant one, where my daughter (3) is my fearless wild-child! She is already making friends with toads and worms, and isn’t the slightest bit scared of the chickens, where my son is a little jumpy around everything! At least I know adventures are in store! (And I need to keep my camera handy because I have no pictures yet of her ‘friends!’)

  5. That coon does NOT look happy! haha!

  6. If you want Spotty to read a book this summer, I think he would LOVE Swiss Family Robinson, by Johann Wyss (a classic – get it from your library if he hasn’t read it yet).

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