Soggy garden update


May 31, 2014 by Buffy

We have had 6 days in a row of rain! Ugh!  Have I mentioned I’m a sunshine lover.  It is hard to see the bright side of things when you’ve had 6 days of rain, but I thought at least my garden is growing.  So today I pulled on my knee high muck boots and waded through the mud to check it all out.   The weeds have of course gone wild.


Our squash & cucumbers seemed to be enjoying the rain.  They had grown a lot and had lots of blooms.


Our very small row of tomatoes were still very small.  What is up with them?


Our other row of tomatoes is loaded with small tomatoes.  I counted over 20 which is great news.


Our carrots and beets are still growing.  I will probably pull them up later this week.


Our early Spring plants are finishing up and those rows will be replanted with something new when it gets dry enough to work in the garden.  We have picked a nice crop of broccoli and cauliflower.  We will miss the romaine lettuce.  It has turned bitter.


Our peas, beans & okra have loved the rain.  The green bean plants have tripled in size this week.


The worms have been very busy during this rainy week.  They have attacked our Brussel sprouts.


I did find this little ray of sunshine in the garden, the first sunflower of the Summer.  It is just waiting on a little sunshine and then it will be strutting its stuff!  It is over 4 foot tall already.



I would love some recommendations on lettuce to plant for the Summer.  My kids have been asking for seconds of salad with the romaine lettuce, but it bolts.  Any recommendations?


7 thoughts on “Soggy garden update

  1. I grow green leaf lettuce and boston lettuce. Both easy growers like the romaine. Also for my brussel sprouts I keep a small low sided dish of beer in the garden in a few areas around the cabbage and brussel sprouts to draw the slugs away. Not sure why they always seem to go after those two vegetables.

  2. Sure wish we could get some of that rain this way! We have big ole cracks in the ground! Our lettuce is about done too. 😦 Happy gardening!

  3. Kathy Crawford says:

    Hey Buffy we planted a lettuce called Spring mix and it looks exactly like the bags of spring mix in the grocery store….very pretty and tasty! Your carrots look great, mine never did anything so I’m gonna try again in the fall.

    • Buffy says:

      Thanks, Kathy. I made need to try some Spring mix. It is sad to not have lettuce when the glorious tomatoes start coming off!

  4. Keely says:

    The rain has been horrible! The weeds are going buckwild and the ground is too sloppy to mess with. We grow mizuna in the summer, which isn’t lettuce but does the salad job just fine.

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