State Horse Show Excitement Building


August 26, 2014 by Buffy

My daughter, JQ and her horse, Prancer, have qualified to compete at the State championship horse show in barrels and poles.  They have been working hard to get ready for the big show.


Prancer has worked this pole pattern fast and slow, over and over!


When he is done with the pole pattern, he works the barrel pattern over and over, slow and then fast.

I have lots of jobs as a mucking mom of a horse show girl.  One is to be available to haul JQ and Prancer to the arena anytime they can squeeze in a workout between school and JQ’S work schedule.  I also am the ground crew who sets up the poles and barrels!  It’s not a glamorous job in this heat, but surely it counts as a workout for me.


 I’m also the camera woman that is responsible for filming the runs.  I know camera women sounds like an easy job but trust me it is a very demanding job.  I am only allowed to film the good runs.  I can’t film the bad runs!  I am expected to know which runs are going to be good before she runs!  Did I mention we have been experiencing 100+ degree heat index this week.


I think I was even hotter than Prancer looks!  It is all worth it to see these two have a great run!  Of course, I was busy taking photos instead of videoing this great run.


No matter how State goes JQ, you are a winner to us!  So enjoy the ride! & thanks for letting me muck along with you!

7 thoughts on “State Horse Show Excitement Building

  1. Beautiful Prancer!! Good luck to them both and to you in the heat!!!

  2. Jodi says:

    Good luck!!!!

  3. Wondering how they made out at Fair? Hope all is well

    • Buffy says:

      Horse show went pretty good. She had a very nice pole run. Her horse freaked out a little on barrels. The coliseum is has given her horse some problems before. It is the only indoor arena we show in all year. Thanks for asking. I need to do a post on it.

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