Lessons Learned in the Garden -Ask the experts

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September 17, 2014 by Buffy

We learned to ask a local expert for advice.  If you can find a local CSA farmer, consult with them on what varieties they are planting.  They know which varieties are going to be the best producers in your area.  After all it’s their business to know.  I spent several days this Spring volunteering at a CSA.  Yes, they will gladly let you too volunteer.  They were planting a squash that was two colors.   I thought it was a little too fancy looking but they weren’t just planting it to look pretty.  It was a very prolific producer.  I will definitely be adding this zephyr squash to my garden next year.  imageI also follow some CSA blogs that often share what varieties are working for them.


Check back to see what else we learned.

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