Daughters with Horses


October 20, 2014 by Buffy


The Mucking Moms’ three daughters make up “The Posse.”  They are what brought the Mucking Moms together.  They are three very smart, beautiful, horse crazy girls!  They live in three different counties and attend three different schools.  They met each other by competing against each other in the same horse show association.  They have been great friends now for years.


They all three share a love of horses.   This is something that they don’t have in common with most of their high school and college friends.


They are hard, dependable workers.  They work hard at home, at part-time jobs and in supporting their school activities.  These girls learned about the rewards of hard work while working with their horses.


They each have strong supportive families that are there cheering them on at horse shows, school activities and in their daily lives.  This has helped them to be supportive friends.




Now “The Posse” share one more very amazing honor.  They each were named Queen of their school at three different schools.  It is the highest high school social honor to be chosen by your classmates to represent your school as Queen.

imageFor any moms out there thinking about getting their daughter that horse she has been begging you to get her.  I say spend plenty of money buying her a great horse and you will be amazed at the return on your investment.


There are no limits to where you girls can go.  We are three very proud Mucking Moms!

5 thoughts on “Daughters with Horses

  1. Some may not understand why moms long to share their horse life with their kids. I think you just explained it perfectly above!! Congratulations to the girls on their accomplishments and to their families for helping them become the important factors they will be in this world in their future! Tina

  2. Bill says:

    Wonderful accomplishment for the girls! Congrats!

    I definitely second your advice. Our daughter badly wanted a horse and I was very reluctant to give in. But we did and having the horse taught her many lessons about personal responsibility and work ethic. She loved her horse and constantly amazed me with how devoted she was to its care. Now, years later, she is a veterinary technician and I’m sure that her experience caring for her horse helped her down that path.

  3. Jodi says:

    How cool for the girls!
    I was leery at getting the kids horses. I’m not 100% comfortable with them which I realize is ridiculous with working with huge cows on a daily basis. I’m so glad we did, the kids LOVE them! Both kids were so excited to get them, the looks on their little faces were priceless. Taylor seriously cried (little boys like horses too 🙂 )And thanks to a seriously patient pony I’m getting more comfortable. I do think it’s very relaxing to groom them. But I still don’t ride lol

    • Buffy says:

      We love brushing them too. Barn time is the best! I’m glad you got a very patient pony. Your kids will learn patience, rewards of hard work, responsibility for caring for another living creature, how your mood effects others, and how to read the non verbal behavior of others, just to name a few things. You have very lucky kids.

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