Amazing Day at Moss Farm


November 29, 2014 by Buffy


I had an amazing day a couple of weeks ago.  I got to visit P. Allen Smith’s -Moss Farm!  Wow! It was beautiful!  P. Allen Smith was a kind and generous host.  He opened his Moss Farm to a group of Arkansas Blog women to attend a AR 529 college savings program.  He spent the whole day with us.  He led the tour of his home.  (Who is P. Allen Smith? )


His home was beautiful.


P. Allen Smith’s sleeping porch was my favorite


The tub on the sleeping porch! Amazing!


Breath taking view from the sleep porch

He was patient and delightful while taking tons of photographs with us.


Buffy and P. Allen Smith

He even played game show host to make our college savings program more fun and interesting.


He allowed us to tour the entire property.  The poultry palace was amazing.  He is raising the largest, healthiest chickens I have ever seen.  If you think raising heritage breed chickens means small and scrawny then you are wrong.  His were amazing, show quality, top of the line chickens.









He also has beautiful turkeys!  Notice the hen in the shot below with the turkey is nearly as big as the turkey.  He had some big beautiful hens!    I went home and doubled my chicken feed.  My chickens looked pitiful after seeing his.


I also got to tour the many gardens that surround his home.


The view of one of his gardens from his kitchen window.

My favorite garden was the vegetable garden.  The garden design was amazing as you would expect.  He had tunneled walking paths that just urged you to keep exploring.  Even though we had experienced a heavy frost and it was the end of the growing season you could still see how amazing his garden had been with a mixture of vegetables and flowers.

image image


I took a photo with one of P. Allen Smith’s chickens in the garden.


We spent most of our day cooped up in his beautiful barn.


We also got to shop in the P. Allen Smith gift store.  It was filled with incredibly unique items.  It would be a great place to find a gift for that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list.  You can also shop there online.  If you sign up for his eStore newsletter you get an additional 25% off while shopping at P. Allen Smith’s eStore.  Here is the link to follow to P. Allen Smith’s eStore   This weekend he is also doing free shipping so check it out!  And be sure to sign up for the eStore newsletter to get your 25% discount.  I love having the inside scoop on saving to pass on to my readers.  Hint, Hint Farmer Rick!

I recommend making a plan to check out Moss Farm if you are ever in the area.  It is a real gem!  I hope to go back in the Spring for one of his poultry workshops.



One thought on “Amazing Day at Moss Farm

  1. Amazing! My husband I enjoy watching his show on PBS. It looks just as beautiful as I imagine to be…thanks for sharing!

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