Celebrating Empty Peanut Butter Jars


January 18, 2015 by Buffy

I have a teenage boy.  He is your standard non-stop eating machine.  One of his go to snacks is peanut butter.  He eats it as sandwiches, in smoothies and with a spoon straight from the jar.  He goes through at least a jar a week.  We have lots of empty peanut butter jars.


Good news, I learned something really cool about peanut butter jar lids.  I must give Pinterest credit.  Whoever I didn’t actual pin the idea and I couldn’t find it again when I searched it so I can’t give proper credit.  I’m sure it was an idea from a brilliant mom somewhere.  I would love to thank her for sharing this little gem!   Peanut butter jar lids fit on standard canning jars perfectly!


This is very exciting since we use canning jar for storing things all the time.

Now I have a reason to celebrate empty jars of peanut butter.

By Buffy

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Empty Peanut Butter Jars

  1. Laura says:

    Perfect! I will need to see if our peanut butter lids fit my canning jars because I have a fiance who goes through peanut butter like it’s going out of fashion! I still keep all the jars anyway and use them for freezing all sorts – small portions of applesauce, leftover frosting, half cans of tomatoes etc…so useful!

  2. I bet ours don’t fit! We buy the massive thing of peanut butter – and empty it plus some every few weeks.

  3. billiejw89 says:

    Thanks for sharing. We go through a ton of peanut butter also. It’s my 3 year old sons favorite!
    So cool that the lids fit on canning jars!

  4. Jennifer says:

    That is so cool! My son is 9. He eats so much and is growing so fast. I always say he has a hollow leg. =)

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