Security Update


January 26, 2015 by Buffy

We added a little security to the chicken run this weekend.  We have seen a hawk, a couple of owls and an eagle checking out our ladies lately.  So we decided it was time to cover the chicken run. The only problem was I thought that would be very ugly. So after much discussion we decided to try using fishing line to make an invisible top of the run.  Hopefully this will keep any sky diving predators out.  Look very closely you can see the lines.

Fishing line along the top of the run.

Fishing line along the top of the run.

We had a couple other reasons for increasing the security too.  My beautiful Bluebell seems to be an escape artist.  She is often seen flying the coop.  So hopefully my fishing line will keep my favorite blue hen safe inside the run!


My beautiful BlueBell!

Do you remember those wild teenagers?


My other reason for added security was to keep those rowdy teens out of my flower box.  We added a low run of fishing line to help keep the teens from being able to jump up to my flower box!

Low runs of line to keep the crazy teens out of my flower box!

Low runs of line to keep the crazy teens out of my flower box!

My fingers are crossed!  I sure hope this works!



5 thoughts on “Security Update

  1. jolynnpowers says:

    I have heard that this can be pretty effective.. hope it works.

  2. mountaingmom says:

    Good luck with your efforts. My escape artist is one that is picked on by other hens, thus is lighter in the body and flies out. Fishline did nothing to keep her in or predators out. Plastic chicken wore worked, but then I had to duck walk to close up the coop as most of my fence is 48″ except near the pop door. I finally just rely on Romeo to sound the call and the girls to run into or under thw coop.

  3. Bill says:

    Good luck. I’ve read that it works, but it didn’t work for us. A determined hawk just navigated around the string (I used a highly visible string, thinking that would be best). We solved our problem by moving the coop nearer to the house. The hawk hasn’t bothered them since. We have a second coop (or main coop) and the chickens there are totally free range. We shut them up in the coop at night but they’re free to go where ever they like in the daytime. We lose one to a predator now and then, but not too often. The best remedy we came with for safety near the coop was to let the vines and brambles grow up, rather than cutting them down. Hawks can’t get to them in there.

    Your birds look great!

  4. I actually had a small hawk IN my coop last weekend. The only way in is through a small door close to the ground so it must have followed the chickens in. I noticed they were all out in the snow which they never do and went into the coop and the thing was flying everywhere in a panic. Took me a bit to get it out but I hit it a few times with the shovel so hopefully I scared it enough and it’s gone for good!

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