2015 Garden Growing


May 10, 2015 by Buffy

2015 garden first week of May

2015 garden first week of May

We finally got our Summer garden planted last weekend. I should say replanted. We have been trying to plant a few things in between rain showers since Easter. It has been a cold wet Spring.



Our onions are growing very slowly.

Only a few squash sprouted from the first planting.

Only a few squash sprouted from the first planting.

Our first planting of squash only has a few sprout in the cold wet conditions so we have replanted to fill in the holes.  We planted several varieties including spaghetti, zucchini, and zephyr.

Pole green beans

Pole green beans

This year we are trying pole green beans because I hate picking bush beans.  We have never grown pole beans.  Our first planting of these was a bust too so we have replanted.  There is really no rushing Mother Nature.


Sugar snaps need some weeding.


This is our first year to plant sugar snaps too.  They have grown but no flowers.  I thought we would be eating peas by now.

Tomatoes!  Small but mighty!  Grown with love from seeds!

Tomatoes! Small but mighty! Grown with love from seeds!

Our tomatoes have been moved all over the house to every sunny window and are finally planted very deep in the garden.  They are my favorite vegetable/fruit that we grow.  I’m dreaming of that first tomato sandwich of summer.

We also have peppers and okra planted.  We have had a week of warm sun since these photos and now a whole weekend of rain.  I will try to get an update this week.  JQ has kept me busy with prom and graduation so I haven’t seen the garden this weekend.  Farmer Rick says it is starting to grow!  How is your garden growing?  Do everyone else get too excited and plant too early too?


4 thoughts on “2015 Garden Growing

  1. I’m thankful for the rain but it has been relentless! Everything in the garden is just sitting there waiting for sunshine!

  2. Laura says:

    We are at the other end of the gardening season now but thanks to our polytunnel we are still harvesting tomatoes and peppers and they’re showing no signs of slowing down…and we’re halfway through autumn already! I always plant too early in spring too!

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