Touring other gardeners’ gardens


May 10, 2015 by Buffy

JQ at Honors day at the Arkansas Governors Mansion

JQ at Honors day at the Arkansas Governors Mansion

I love to tour other gardeners’ gardens.  That is one of the things I love about this blog world.  I can see what and how people are growing things and what they are harvesting.  I get a lot of inspiration from it.  I have a couple beautiful gardens along my commute.  I currently am suffering from major tomato envy from one garden along my drive that has knee-high, full tomato plants that are loaded with blooms.

I'm glad the Governor and his lovely wife were able to color coordinate with us!

I’m glad the Governor and his lovely wife were able to color coordinate with us!

We got the privilege of touring the beautiful gardens at the Arkansas Governor Mansion recently.  JQ was invited to attend an Honors breakfast with the governor along with all the top academic achieving high seniors in the state.

Arkansas Governor's Garden

Arkansas Governor’s Vegetable Garden

The mansion was beautiful.  The flower and rose gardens were breath-taking.  Farmer Rick and I found ourselves wondering toward the vegetable garden at the back of the property.  It was a lovely raised bed garden.  The design and use of space was amazing.  It was planted full of early Spring vegetables.  The garden gates said it was cared for by local master gardeners.

Governor's garden

Governor’s garden

image If you too love to tour gardens, check back on my blog.  I will be touring Garden Designer, P. Allen Smith’s garden home in early June.  I’ll be sharing my tour with you.  His vegetable garden is amazing and absolutely packed full of wonderful plants.

2 thoughts on “Touring other gardeners’ gardens

  1. I love seeing other gardens as well as it inspires me! That veggie garden looks great!!! We are just entering our planting season. It was 90 degrees here over the weekend (very hot and early for that!!) and Wednesday we are going to see a 38 degree day. Hoping all that I have planted will tolerate the extreme differences in temperatures!

  2. Bill says:

    It’s great that there is a vegetable garden at the governor’s mansion! And congrats to your daughter for her achievement!

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