Soggy gardening continues


May 25, 2015 by Buffy

Our garden May 25, 2015

Our garden May 25, 2015

Arkansas continues to have an unbelievably wet Spring/Summer.  Our garden is a soggy mess!  We have lost lots of plants due to the soggy ground.  We did have a dry day on Friday so Farmer Rick got to till in some of the weeds before Saturday’s rain started again.

Our tomatoes are hanging in there, but boy could they use a warm, dry, sunny day!  I even found this little beauty!

First tomato of the season

First tomato of the season

Our squash is finally starting to take off.  We only had a few sprout and survive from our first planting.  We replanted and have no idea what variety is surviving.  I guess we will just be glad something is growing.

Several varieties of squash

Several varieties of squash

Our peppers are not at all happy with all this rain.  They are small and yellow looking, but still starting to bloom.



After only one picking our sugar snap peas are looking done.  They were yummy but I’m very disappointed to just get a couple pickings.


Sugar snap peas

My garden container flowers are actually loving the rain.  I dropped a bail of straw in the bottom of this old trough last summer and planted zinnias.  It worked great.  This year I planted seed from last year’s zinnias, marigolds and sunflowers.  It has buds. I hope for flowers to open this week.


Flower trough

Flower trough

We are eating sugar snap peas and cauliflower from the garden this week.  How’s your garden growing?


5 thoughts on “Soggy gardening continues

  1. We are super soggy here in the Colorado Rockies too. The garden is starting to suffer. Hoping we all get some dry days soon!

  2. Can’t even get into my garden without sinking. Maybe drier for a couple of days? we’ll see…

  3. It’s always something when you are gardening it seems. My plants were all thriving and then on Monday night we had a frost (that was not supposed to be a frost). I lost a whole patch of pumpkins and butternut squash and most of my green beans (luckily I had started a second planting in the greenhouse so could replace all of those). But my impatiens around the house that we lovingly started from seed and cared for since February are all gone as well as all my pepper plants!! ugh

    • Buffy says:

      Wow! Sorry to hear about your loss. A May freeze that stinks! Nothing melts like impatients in frost! I’ve killed a few too. But I’ve never grown them from seed. That is inspiring. I’ll have to try it.

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