2016 Tomatoes and more


June 10, 2016 by Buffy

I have lots of great tomatoes planted in the garden this year.  I have also added several new varieties of tomatoes.  I always grow one cherry or grape tomato in the garden for snacking on while I work in the garden.  This year I could not decide on which variety so I planted two.  I planted a black cherry and a yellow pear.  I have several friends that say the yellow pear is their favorite, but I’m a red tomato lover so we have both.  I bought those plants from the local coop and they are really showing off.  They have already reached the top of their 5 foot tall cage.


I also found this little surprise yesterday!  The black cherry ones are starting to turn red!  I’m so excited!  I love tomatoes!



I have several other varieties of tomatoes growing too that I started from seed.  I have early girl and celebrity that I have grown before.  I am trying out Cherokee Purple and Brandy Wine.


I also have planted my favorite canning tomatoes San Marzano Roma.  These are unbelievable heavy producers.  I planted these last year and harvested tomatoes from them until Thanksgiving!

I also have my favorite Summer Dance cucumbers growing.  They grow right up my cattle panel trellis for super easy picking!  I do multiple plantings of these to keep a good supply of nice long slicer cucumbers available all Summer long.  We have sliced cucumbers and sliced tomatoes as an appetizer at every meal in the Summer. Yum!  I plan to save some of these Summer Dance seeds this year.  I am in love with this variety and tired of paying the very high price for seeds!


I’m a little behind on my okra, but a friend shared some seed (thanks Scot and Kelli!)and it is planted.  It should start popping up soon!

Peppers finish out my garden!  I have bell peppers and jalapeño peppers.  I also planted Anaheim peppers.  These are my favorite peppers because they are such heavy producers


That is what’s growing in my garden.  What’s growing in your garden?  Do you have any suggestions for something I could add?  I love trying out new things!  Oh my I forgot my onions, potatoes, winter squash, green beans, and watermelons. That’s a post for another day!  Happy Gardening!



2 thoughts on “2016 Tomatoes and more

  1. I grow cherry tomatoes and that’s about it as my family sadly does not eat tomatoes and I can only eat so many lol. I may try some Roma this year to can. Your garden looks like it will be pretty bountiful!

  2. Bill says:

    It all looks great! We’re cutting back on the number of varieties of tomatoes we grow this year. We’re growing German Johnson (our favorite–similar to Brandywines), Romas and Marglobes. We get plenty of cherry tomatoes from the volunteer Matt’s Wild Cherry that pop up around the farm. It’s a delicious heirloom that grows like crazy. I believe it is the only heirloom tomato that is naturally blight resistant. Highly recommended.

    I love Cherokee Purple tomatoes. So delicious. We didn’t grow any this year, but I’m wondering if that was a mistake!

    Good luck for a great harvest!

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