New favorite Tomatoes


July 23, 2016 by Buffy

So, today I went looking for my tomato post from last Summer, but I found it in my drafts because I never posted it.   So here it is very late, but maybe it will help someone that is selecting seeds for this season.  This(Last) year I planted several new varieties of tomatoes.  I must say I’m really glad I did.  I have several new favorites.

imageI always grow a cherry type tomato of some sort in the garden because they usually start producing earlier.  They are also great for snacking while working in the garden.  This year I planted a yellow pear tomato and a black cherry tomato.  These two started producing weeks before my other full sized tomatoes.  They have been producing buckets full since early June, and are still going strong.  The taste of the black cherry was good but those sweet little yellow pear are my new favorite cherry type tomato.  They are so sweet and yummy.I also planted some new (to me) varieties of full size tomatoes.  I planted Red Brandywine and Cherokee Purple based of a fellow blogger’s recommendation.  (Thanks Debbie Arnold!)  Both of these heirloom varieties grow big lumpy tomatoes.   The kind of tomatoes that slice perfectly for one slice to cover your sandwich.  This is very important because after all, tomatoes sandwiches is why I grow tomatoes.  While they were both delicious, I have to say the Cherokee Purple is my new favorite full size tomato.


Of course I like to make salsa and canned tomatoes too so I have always grown Roma type tomatoes too.  These meaty tomatoes with less juice help make my salsa thick and rich.  Last year I planted San Marzano tomatoes and fell in love.  They produced heavy yields of large Roma shaped tomatoes.  I planted them again this year and have been delighted with the large size and heavy yield again.  San Marzano is my favorite canning tomatoes. These will have a place in my garden every year.

I’m so glad I tried some new varieties this year.  Do you have a favorite tomato?  Please share if you do.


2 thoughts on “New favorite Tomatoes

  1. Hi there!! Wow those Cherokee Tomatoes look very interesting. We had such a drought here last year and even with all of watering my tomato plants suffered. Except for the cherry tomatoes. They provided well! Happy New Year. Tina

  2. I LOVE Cherokee purple! It’s my go to for a sandwich. I haven’t tried the yellow pear but will be on the lookout for those. I’m so ready to get my hands dirty again!

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