40 Years of being there for children

40 years of being there for children

A special anniversary was celebrated by the st.-johannes-verein oberthulba celebrate. Michaela zink has been working in the day care center for 40 years and was honored by the association’s chairman jurgen weigand during a ceremony. On 1. In september 1979, she began her training as an educator in the kindergarten in oberthulba and has been working continuously for the st.-johannesverein in action. Since then, michaela zink has prepared the majority of the inhabitants of oberthulba, wittershausen, hassenbach and schlimpfhof for school and life and laid the foundation for children to become mouthy and independent people. "Michaela zink is a role model for all of us with her dedication and empathy", emphasized chairman weigand during his acceptance speech. "Supporting parents in raising their children is much more than just work for them. The children show that they are passionate and wholeheartedly involved, and that does them good. Several generations of the community can now confirm this". For several years, michaela zink was also the director of the kindergarten, and when the st.-johannes association ten years ago decided to open a group for young children, it was immediately engaged in a leading position there, too. This was a major contribution to the "spatzennest from the beginning it was positively perceived by the population and became a successful concept. The board of directors thanked michaela zink with a bouquet of flowers, and the entire kindergarten team took the opportunity to celebrate the 40th anniversary with her.


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