Adelsdorf develops into an art center

Adelsdorf develops into an art center

It is already a tradition that the town hall of adelsdorf (district of erlangen-hochstadt) opens its doors to artists from the town and the region. Tonight is the fourth vernissage – this time by the two artists heike flugel and uta schlerf.

Both are members of the association schloss-kunst-adelsdorf. Uta schlerf, a native of erlangen, has been drawn to art and painting since she was a child. At the age of just under 30, the trained social insurance clerk began working with fabric design, including painting walls in children's rooms.
Since 1996 she lives in adelsdorf and also here she trained in the techniques of watercolor, acrylic and drawing with inge graf-ackermann in weisendorf. She has also taken part in courses offered by the local adelsdorf artist, renate fuckerider.

Scope for own interpretations

"My special love is portrait and figural drawing. For me, color is an expression of joie de vivre," she explains. "In my paintings, I like to express my love of nature and the beauty of simple, everyday things," she continues.

Uta schlerf seeks the challenge between figural representation and emotional abstraction and wants to leave room for own interpretation possibilities.

Sigrid wolt, chairwoman of the association schloss-kunst adelsdorf, is pleased together with mayor karsten fischkal () and second mayor jutta kohler (SPD) that this possibility of presentation in the town hall is so well used by the members of the art association. "I think it's very nice that our town hall, in addition to the castle, has now also developed into a small art center where a variety of works by changing artists can be seen throughout the year", tells jutta kohler (SPD) in advance.

Exhibition in adelsdorf town hall

"This is the fourth time that the artwork has been replaced and the hallways in the town hall have been given a makeover, which will certainly make the work of the employees here more pleasant and attractive", the second mayor is pleased.

Heike flugel was born in neustadt an der aisch and now lives in kleinseebach near mohrendorf. At the age of 30, she also rediscovered her love of painting and attended courses in watercolor, illusion painting, acrylic and drawing, among others. Since 2002, she has had her own studio, "die malwerkstatt" in erlangen.

"I like to paint coarse flat, representational, in acrylic, oil and mixed media; mostly on canvas, but also on wood." Betrayed them. For both artists this is not the first exhibition. Those who come to the city hall should take their time and visit all three floors, where you can enjoy the many works in the corridors. The exhibition is open until. February during the opening hours of the adelsdorf town hall.


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