An advisory council for seniors

The city of herzogenaurach’s senior citizens’ advisory council, which has been in existence for 18 years, is about to hold its seventh election. On 2. July, the citizens of burgenland are called upon to submit their applications by july 11. Nominations can be made in june.

The seniors’ advisory council is elected every three years, reports michael baltz from the seniors’ office of the city of herzogenaurach. In order to be able to hold elections, a sufficiently large number of candidates are needed who are willing to take on this honorary office. At the moment, the necessary minimum number of candidates has not yet been reached, writes baltz.

60 years and age

On 2. July is the time again: the herzogenaurach seniors’ advisory council will be newly elected for the next three years. All residents of the city who are 60 years of age and older on election day are eligible to vote. Until 11. Candidates can still be nominated in june. In the second half of june, the candidates will be presented to the public.

The election of a seniors’ advisory council differs from political elections, such as the recent european elections. Here, no parties or party programs are elected for committees in distant capitals, but citizens of the city, who are willing to engage themselves in an honorary capacity and to support the local people with words and deeds.

This also includes the representation of the interests of the elderly population vis-à-vis the city administration and numerous institutions that are important for seniors. This always works particularly well when the members of the seniors’ advisory council – as has been the case so far – have very different professional and life experiences and thus have a wide range of knowledge.

Five plus five plus ten

Ten people are elected from among the residents of herzogenaurach, i.E. Five members and five deputies. A further ten people will be sent by associations and organizations that carry out work with senior citizens in the city. Their election already took place yesterday, monday.

"The herzogenaurach seniors’ advisory council has long since become a reliable institution in our city that we can no longer imagine living without. The members volunteer a wide range of support, assistance and concrete help for the 55plus generation, depending on their personal experience and expertise." This is what mayor german hacker writes

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