Banal and unimaginative plan for seven-story hotel monstrosity

The following letter was received from readers regarding the planned hotel on the anger: "after 13 years, I am planning to return from the big city to my home in coburg, upper franconia. However, I was shocked to see the visualization of the planned hotel on the anger, which made my stomach churn.

Regardless of how the realization planning is now to be presented, it must be stated that coburg is in danger of allowing serious urban development, planning and design errors that have occurred many times before to be repeated. The list of similar failures in the federal territory can be continued indefinitely.

The faceless, interchangeable facade design is hard to beat in terms of unpretentiousness. Important urban view and traffic axes are completely disregarded, the high development does not correspond to the urban context, the design of the elevations seems banal and unimaginative and the urban setting seems as if a small child had played with lego bricks. The idea that the outer skin of the building should be covered with a composite thermal barrier system made of female plaster and that the window elements should be made of plastic is obvious and makes one shudder.

The complete disregard of the east with monuments peppered high strabe is at least as "unfriendly" and the blue of the clumsily pinned three-story building next door seems helpless in the face of historical color compositions.

This development will bring the city an unimaginative seven-story monstrosity, which without any ambition and sensitivity for the city and the people can at best reach the level of a slab building and will enrich the southern ketschenvorstadt by another building of planning ignorance.

Looking at the administrative building of suc and the judicial building, the people of coburg can see what unfortunate consequences the creation and toleration of a soulless provincial architecture has for the city and its people. It is to be hoped that the short-term and insensitive profit motive of an investor will not be indulged, but that the actors involved will make a serious attempt to develop a vision and an intelligent overall concept, which on the one hand is worthy of the city’s existence and on the other hand relies on professional skill as to how urban life can be created and historical and urban development quality can be preserved. Dipl.-ing. Univ. Architect david lindner, munich

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