Fasting instructions day 6: third day of fasting without solid food

Fasting instructions day 6: third day of fasting without solid food

The sixth day of your healing fast is also the third day without solid food. Furthermore there is plenty of tea, juice and mousse chestnut. If you freeze while fasting, like me, you should try fresh ginger in your tea.

Fasting: instructions for day 6

Day six is day three without solid food: their hunger pangs should have completely disappeared by now. If you feel discomfort or abdominal pain, a hot water bottle* or cherry stone pillow* are usually helpful. Should they trap they are trying to dilute fruit and vegetable juice more strongly.

Vary your morning tea to add a little variety to your routine. A peppermint tea* in the morning has a stimulating effect. Melissa tea* in the evening has a calming effect. Otherwise, it's business as usual: they drink tea and juice and lots of still water. At noon muesli juice (have you already tried red beet juice*)?), in the afternoon a protein drink* beckons. For dinner delicious homemade mushroom broth (simple recipe see day 5). The "fasting high" should have reached them by now. At this stage, the body releases endorphins that give you a feeling of elation. If you are not, ask yourself if there is anything you can do to make yourself feel better.

Get your circulation going in the morning? Remember to get enough exercise, and start the day with some light sporting exercises. Do you have pain, for example in your back?? Exercises can also help here. Besides, these pains should soon be over.


Freezing during fasting: this helps

If you have cold fube (like me throughout the fasting), try a fubbad in the evening. Take your time. Fill a tub with hot water (40 degrees). Bathe your fube in it for a few minutes. Then they give them a cold shower. They repeat this once again. Your feet should be tingling now and wonderfully warm for the rest of the evening. If you are generally cold, drink a ginger tea with freshly chopped ginger and make yourself a warm bottle.

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