Fire department praises the dedication of its members

The volunteer fire department of eltingshausen not only takes care of its primary task of helping in emergencies, but also of the social events in the village. The floriansjunger had, as commander thorsten schlotter made clear, eleven smaller operations last year.

"Thanks to good equipment and basic training, we returned unharmed from all missions", said schlotter: "we are already quite good, but we want to improve further." Both firefighting groups practiced not only on wednesdays, but also on friday evenings so they could train when they were off duty. The integrated control center, which serves 500 fire departments and the region with 450 firefighters, has been preserved.000 inhabitants. In case of emergency, the central office regulates which fire brigades have the necessary equipment and are able to help professionally. "During our operations with two fires, eight technical aids and one security guard, we always had sufficient forces to master the situation", said schlotter.

"Actually, our equipment would fit if our ford transit, year of construction 1974, had not suffered transmission damage in november. The vehicle not only transports a team, but its equipment also enables a squadron to work independently. It is also used for rides to the respiratory center." How to proceed, the fire department discusses with the community. A repair is probably out of the question.

Lessons for leaders
In addition to the regular drills, there was a rough training in riding meadows as well as training courses for the commanders. The community procured protective suits, winter jackets and a respiratory protection monitoring panel.

Youth director thomas weingartner gave a positive assessment of his team. "Four of you moved to the active members, and sophie wirth joined us, so that we now have nine members", he informed. "In 2012 we met for 18 exercises and six social meetings. The focus was on the trip to heide-park." The young people could also be relied upon for the christmas tree collection, the cleaning of the river, the may tree installation, the village festival and the village christmas.

Finances listed markus bambach. Contributions and donations, including a payout from the association community, not only offset insurance expenses, but resulted in a plus in the treasury. Mayor siegfried erhard (CSU) emphasized the reliability: "2012 was not a dramatic year for you, but you have mastered all situations." The community contributes to a proper equipment. Replacements had 81.600 euros required.


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