Four meter high golden statue of erdogan irritates wiesbaden

Four meter high golden statue of erdogan irritates wiesbaden

An art installation in wiesbaden featuring a golden statue of the controversial turkish president recep tayyip erdogan is causing a stir and irritation. The four-meter figure was erected on monday as part of the biennale art and theater festival.

Even the city council was surprised. In the run-up to the biennial, the erection of a "human statue" was approved, she announced. But it was not clear "that it would be a statue of erdogan".

Critics hold erdogan partly responsible for human rights violations in turkey and accuse him of having installed an authoritarian system of rule. It will be on 28. And 29. September expected for a state visit to berlin.

The director of the state theater in wiesbaden, uwe eric laufenberg, defended the action as a statement for the free expression of opinion. "We put up the statue to discuss erdogan," laufenberg explained. "That goes everywhere. The art is there to show what it is like." That is not always easy to understand. "But in a democracy you have to put up with all opinions."

Despite the protests, the city does not want to intervene as long as the art action does not pose a threat to public safety and order. The city government, the magistrate, is committed to the freedom of art enshrined in the constitution, the responsible persons declared. It was also clear that the biennial was provocative and planned actions that were worthy of discussion. Officers from city and state police monitored the situation on site.

Numerous curious people and passers-by took a look at the work of art on the platz der deutschen einheit (square of german unity), which is centrally located in the state capital of hesse. There were also lively discussions. Some people also report to the city. "We have a number of irritated burgers who are calling us. Many people don't realize that it's part of the biennial," said a spokeswoman.

Some graffiti and provocative inscriptions were visible on the statue on tuesday morning – they are not part of the art action, but were applied later on.


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