Hormann almost there: lander also a candidate for dosb

Hormann almost there: lander also a candidate for dosb

The way is clear for alfons hormann, head of the german olympic sports federation (dosb), to take the helm of the german olympic sports association (dosb). Influential representatives of the national sports federations also signaled their support on thursday for the declared candidate of the top federations.

"I know him from many personal encounters. I think of alfons hormann as a candidate very much. He is extremely competent and rhetorically very strong," said walter schneeloch, president of the gross german state sports association of north rhine-westphalia.

In september, schneeloch himself had expressed ambitions to succeed thomas bach, who had been elected IOC president. Now, however, he told the dpa news agency about hormann: "we buried the solution very much and were pleased if the members’ meeting could agree on him."

Bavaria also considers hormann a "very good choice". He will present it at the meeting of the regional sports chiefs on 25 june. And 26. October in hamburg recommend, said gunther lommer, head of the bavarian state sports association. "I know him personally and appreciate him. His performance in the german ski federation speaks a clear language."

On wednesday, the 53-year-old hormann was announced as a candidate for the presidency of the DOSB by the influential top associations. Officially, the representatives of the major german sports federations only wanted this vote to be understood as a proposal to the other two factions within the DOSB (regional sports federations and federations for special tasks). In fact, however, the president of the german ski association can hardly be deprived of his election victory, because the top associations voted in favor of him at the general meeting of the DOSB on july 7, 2009. December will have the majority of votes in wiesbaden.

The reaction of rolf muller, president of the state sports federation of hesse, was correspondingly ambivalent. He does not want to prevent hormann’s election, but he also does not want to wave it through without criticism. "We are asked, but we are not asked," muller said about the role of the state sports federation. "Asking us how we feel about mr. Hormann is an act of courtesy, but in the end it won’t depend on us.Muller called it "absolutely logical" that the top associations have agreed on the entrepreneur from allgau. He was the preferred candidate of mr. Brechtken (spokesman for the top associations), mr. Vesper (secretary general of the german olympic sports confederation) and mr. Bach. It was quite clear that mr. Hormann would be it".

Muller firmly assumes that the designated head of the DOSB will use his term of office "to introduce a paid president" at the head of the umbrella organization of german sports in the foreseeable future. Otherwise, the head of the hessian LSB combined his expectations of hormann with a jab at the new IOC head bach: "I liked a president who was concerned about the interests of the DOSB and not about his own international ambitions."

The former head of the DOSB bach was on 10. September was the first german to be elected president of the international olympic committee. He would not comment on his succession plan.

Hormann himself wants to join the county gardening association on 25./26. October present. In purely mathematical terms, he does not need their votes. But the entrepreneur still told "sky sport news": "if it’s not the case that you receive support in all areas of an association, then it will be difficult to hold such an office."


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