Bamberg as a backdrop for hollywood and co.

A brightly lit square in bamberg. Thursday evening is already advanced, it goes already into the night. Whoever staggered past the schranne and the pfahlplatzchen at the end of last week after his evening pub, could hardly get past the rough, illuminated canvas that had been positioned there. For one or the other it must have become clear: it will be filmed again in bamberg.

Until the end of last week, a film team was busy making a commercial for the "disney channel" record. The TV station will be available on free TV as of january. This is to be advertised with a short tv spot. Disney sounds like a fairy tale – so does bamberg: "the old town in particular is beautiful", anett grunbeck from the munich production company neverest, which filmed here, enthuses: two days for 45 seconds – that's how long the commercial will be shown in all the commercial blocks of the private television stations (from 7. January) can be seen.

Children conquer the free slide

Even horses were present this time at the children's parade for the kronach free push. The kronach fire department, which formed the end of the day's work, was present on the occasion of this year's 150th anniversary of its founding. Historically on the move – and that includes two horses.

A bit further in the front of the train there were already horses to see – but these were children, who had made their own horseheads out of cardboard and tied them around themselves.

Burger award for barbara kick and gerhard kading

Barbara kick reports on children who don’t know kohlrabi or how to peel carrots at the table. She has just been awarded the burger prize for her life’s work. Her laudator, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU), had previously highlighted her initiative to care for sick children of working parents.

"Kanguru" highlights the offer that kick has launched through the german housewives association erlangen, also for emergencies in the city and county of forchheim. "We are looking for helpers who can go to the home of a sick child," she says, kick combines thanks for award with search for successor.

Karl-theodor zu guttenberg as spokesman in plassenburg film

The friends of the plassenburg invite for sunday, 18. March, free admission to the kulmbach cinema cineplex for the premiere of the film "the plassenburg a. In the context of a matinee at 11 a.M., the plassenburg, spectacularly staged by cameraman alexander muck by means of aerial shots, will be shown as hardly anyone has ever seen it before.

The highlight of the film: karl-theodor zu guttenberg lent his voice to the association project as narrator of the texts written by the association’s secretary andrea senf. For this purpose, a room in guttenberg castle was converted into an improvised recording studio. Within two days, all the passages had been recorded.

Dortmund looks forward to “great week” – focus on atletico

Dortmund looks forward to 'great week' - focus on atletico

The bavarians can come! Borussia dortmund is ready for the league summit next saturday. "This is a very cool week for us," said dortmund midfielder thomas delaney after the very meek but well-deserved 1-0 (1-0) victory at vfl wolfsburg on saturday.

First atletico madrid in the champions league on tuesday, then the struggling munchner in the league. "We look forward to these games. The week after is break, that means we can give everything in these two games again."

The guardian club unfinden raises the tension for the spectators at the push

The guardian club unfinden raises the tension for the spectators at the push

When you, as a connoisseur of old sliding systems, enter the guardhouse in unfinden with its eight sliding stands, you rub your eyes at first glance. Because a lot has changed there. There is no longer a need to stretch ropes to move the push cards, digitalization has taken hold there.

At each of the eight sliding stands there is a screen on which each shooter can see the result of his shot. At a distance of ten meters, a target lights up in various colors and coarsenesses, depending on whether you are shooting with an air rifle or an air pistol. Of course, the colors also play a role in the hits: "red" on the screen means that was a ten "yellow" stands for the nine "grun for all hits below.

Fashion store wohrl opens at maxplatz

fashion store wohrl opens at maxplatz

While already on wednesday evening invited guests could get an impression of the "new" spa with champagne, music and happchen the official opening ceremony was scheduled for thursday.

On both days the visitor response was very rough. Hundreds of guests waited at the pre-opening ceremony until the mayor of bamberg, andreas starke (SPD), olivier wohrl, chairman of the board of rudolf wohrl AG, and sonja piendl, wohrl's managing director in bamberg, officially cut the red ribbon.

Pension insurance: reduction in contributions possible in 2014

Pension insurance: reduction in contributions possible in 2014

"According to today’s calculations, there is a recognizable margin for a further reduction in the contribution rate. This would be the third consecutive reduction in the contribution rate," said annelie buntenbach, chairwoman of the board of management of the german pension insurance association, in dusseldorf on thursday.

It thus tied in with speculation from the previous day, according to which the pension contribution could fall from the current 18.9 to 18.7 or even 18.6 percent in the coming year. A financial collapse – which would prevent this – is not recognizable according to the words of buntenbach. She represents the unions at the top of the pension insurance scheme.

79 Seniors finally wanted to visit the castle thurn amusement park again

"It was a really wonderful senior citizens’ afternoon," says, tells the seniors’ representative of heroldsbach, erika schneider. She had the idea of taking the seniors on a trip to the schloss thurn amusement park.

"Burgermeister edgar buttner and i get along very well. That’s why I went to him with the idea", reports erika schneider. And buttner (SPD) immediately agreed that the municipality would cover the costs. The two had expected 40 seniors to attend. "68 people registered, and in the end there were 79 of us", says the senior citizens’ representative and laughs.

Nature loves christmas trees

Everyone liked a christmas tree. It should have shiny needles, smell good and last a long time. Consumers have certain expectations of their christmas trees. But are christmas tree cultures environmentally friendly?

"Our christmas tree cultures are ecologically valuable", claim dieter rippel and wilhelm bebler. More than 30 years ago, they joined forces for the production and trade of christmas trees. Their crops are ecological niches and important habitat for many animal and plant species. The company’s owners made this clear to an expert group of visitors who took a look at the company’s premises in oberalbach, germany.