Trump threatens to close border with mexico

Trump threatens to close border with mexico

"If mexico does not immediately stop all illegal migration into the u.S. Across our southern border, i will close the border or major portions of the border next week," trump wrote on twitter friday. There is a "very rough probability" that this will happen. It’s so easy for mexico to do something about illegal migration, "but they just take our money and "talk," trump wrote further.

Mexico must stop the migrant caravans. "If they don’t stop it, we’ll close the border," trump said. This could include any trade. Mexico has had a massive trade surplus of $100 billion with the united states for years. "I don’t play games."

As recently as thursday, trump tweeted – again – that he was threatening to close the border with mexico, and severely reproached the mexican government for doing so. "Mexico is doing nothing to help stop the flow of illegal migrants into our country," trump lamented da. The mexicans only talked, but did nothing. He therefore proposes to close the border.

Mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador had shown understanding for the criticism from washington. "It is legitimate that they do not agree and that they are cleaning these complaints," he said on thursday. "We will help where we can. We don’t want a fight with the united states government."

Trump had threatened to close the border several times in recent months, but without being serious. He has complained for years about the situation at the border with mexico and had already promised during the 2016 election campaign to build a wall there to curb illegal migration, drug smuggling and human trafficking. Trump speaks of severe crisis at the border, which critics say is completely exaggerated. In mid-february, he had declared a national emergency on the border with mexico in order to fund a wall without congressional approval.


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