Ebern fools rub the power on themselves

Ebern – with a triple thunderous "ebern helau" the carnival mascots schellenmann and schorschla marched together with the guard ebern-heubach and the elferraten on sunday at 11 a.M. Sharp.11 a.M. At the ebern town hall. This burst out of all seams. Some carnival fools even had to watch the one-hour program standing up – so many came that the seats were not enough. This year, the kulturring had invited people to the carnival kick-off in the form of a sausage breakfast. The fools certainly didn’t make their way to the town hall for nothing, because a colorful, varied program awaited them.

The gardemadels got right into it and wowed the audience with a great dance routine before two young women from their ranks were asked to come forward. Because the gardemadels laura rennebohm and olivia elflein received from the cultural ring chairman walter ullrich in each case the ebern carnival order for their special merits in the ebern carnival presented. Laura rennebom has been active in the heubach guard for over 15 years. Olivia elflein has been dancing since she was four years old. Both are at carnival continuously with the guard on the stage and swing the dance leg.

A highlight of the ebern town hall storm is every year the announcement of the carnival motto for the coming season. As the moderators, the elferrate fabian weber and christian giebfried told, the elferrate and at the same time board members of the kulturring thought long and finally agreed on a motto for the season 2018/19. Important in the decision, like christian giebfried weib, is also: "what will erich say, will he get it right with the brush or will he have to work very hard??" House and court painter of the culture ring, erich wolfert, was informed already some weeks ago about the motto, in order to draw again a motto poster. This was finally revealed on sunday afternoon, revealing the carnival motto for the 2018/19 season: "1001 nights of ebern". So the scene of the ebern carnival this season is no longer the jungle but the orient. With the ebern turmer on a flying carpet, erich wolfert visualized the motto. "Instead of his lantern he has a magic lamp, instead of the horn the turmer has a trumpet in his hand and he does not summon a snake from the basket, but has a peregrine falcon with him, which in turn has a "yellow bag" has hung around his neck", erich wolfert alludes to current issues in the city. In addition, he illustrated still long old town festival night, the music and the museum night. As a highlight, the lights were then turned off, because the artwork by erich wolfert glows in the dark. Until the colorful evenings, the jesters and the actors have time to put together the costumes that fit the motto and to prepare sketches.

Between the various program points, the "schwappier gasslesgeicher" provided the entertainment with snappy brass music plus accordion for mood in the audience. The guests liked the schunkler very much and the atmosphere could hardly be topped. The hall went wild during the frankenlied and almost everyone sang along.

Finally, the most important point of the town hall storm was on the agenda: the handing over of the town treasury, the town hall seal and the chain of office. For this purpose, mayor jurgen hennemann stepped into the box. He went among other things to the "people from the regional building department" they did not come today for safety’s sake, so that they would not be robbed of the cash box. They need the money for a new house, because they want to get out of the town hall". Then he joked that the bavarian politicians are currently preventing them from doing so, since no one is competent to do so. Jurgen hennemann wondered: "don’t you fools rule the whole year?? Both roads into the itzgrund were closed, that hatt" no authority could have done it better. The county and the city can’t help it, dear fools, i think it was you", he jokes. He appealed to the audience to run for the city council: "join us and be there for the decisions in the first row"." As he tells it, he can hardly wait to give the chain of office, the cash register and the key to the fools: "now try your luck until ash wednesday, then i want the government back again. For the first time I want to believe you that I can vacation in peace. I’ll start right away on monday, I’ll travel to berlin if I can".

Afterwards, he handed over the unfortunately not so well filled town treasury, town hall exclamation mark and chain of office to the chairman of the culture ring, walter ullrich. Until ash wednesday, the fools in ebern have the say again.

A quiz prepared by some of the eleven guessers made the carnival kick-off even more fun. The aim was to guess as well as possible. Questions like "how high is the eberner grauturn?, "how old are all the elferrate together" or "how many groups were registered for the carnival procession 2018"? Had to answer as good as possible. Two people were drawn by lot for each question and competed against each other. Those who came closest to the correct answer got to choose a prize.

Afterwards, the fools enjoyed the start of the carnival with a cosy get-together, while the "schwappier gasslesgeicher" (swashbucklers) were on the move musical entertainment was provided by. Once again, the handball team from ebern was responsible for the catering. After the official program, the chairman of the cultural ring, walter ullrich, was very satisfied with this year’s carnival kick-off: "the town hall is full, everything worked out great, the atmosphere is great – i am very satisfied." At the end the eleven-rate gave a preview of the coming carnival season. The cultural ring’s colorful evenings will take place this time on friday, 8. And saturday, 9. February 2019 will take place. The ebern carnival procession falls on the 3. March 2019.


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