National biathlon coach honig: “tickling out the winning gene

national biathlon coach honig: 'tickling out the winning gene

Tickling out the winning gene again” is what women”s national coach gerald honig wants to do with his top athlete. “now we want to show from competition to competition that our way is right and the form is getting better,” said the coach. Two individual medals and a relay medal are the olympic goal for the german female skiers: “i went home from the olympics very satisfied. And hopefully there will be a joint medal in the mixed relay with the men,” said honig.

How is the mood in the women”s team?

Gerald honey: good! In oberhof, the team was very compact and powerful. Maybe one or the other top result has not yet come like this. But in the present phase, five weeks before the olympics, i almost preferred this trend. It is better to be in good shape as a team than to have perhaps one front runner and the rest far away. Now we want to show from competition to competition that our way is right and the form is getting better.

What would be a result that shows: the way is right??

Honig: when we start, we want to be on the podium. But I stick to it: also a team unity can give confidence in the conception. Now the attack on the podium should come step by step. And not just from one athlete, but preferably from a second and a third. If that comes now, it will do us a lot of good in the direction of the olympics.

Laura dahlmeier hasn’t really got going yet, unlike last year. She was sick, of course. How far is she?

Honey: i always warn against expecting laura to do a copy of the previous season. The preseason was somewhere perfect for me, something ideal. You can’t plan something like that. Something like that comes or does not come. It was easy and a matter of course, this daily attack on the podium. That can’t be repeated and can’t be planned. You can’t automatically expect that.

Is the expectation of laura dahlmeier too rough??

Honey: yes. At the moment many people think that nobody else can win than laura dahlmeier. It is not recognized that we have a growing density at the world level also in the women’s competition. When I see anastasia kuzmina – she might just have found that flow. While laura still has to work out one or the other success experience.

This ease can only be achieved through victories?

Honey: definitely yes. Nothing more must happen that affects the training, such as another infection that leads to a failure. The closer the olympics come, the more serious the damage will become. To tickle out the winning gene again, that only comes through success. If laura can do that, it will give her so much confidence that she can get back to the mental strength she had last year.

What were successful winter games for laura from your point of view??

Honey: it was laura’s turn to win the olympics. She also has the potential, but on that day everything has to fit as well. She is capable of winning a medal in every race. No one can predict whether this will happen. To win a medal in the relay is always a highlight. There we want to fight for the victory.

Who still has the potential to become an olympic champion?

Honey: last year the whole burden was on laura’s shoulders. This year we are a little more diversified. But everything has to fit. Franziska hildebrand can certainly compete in the individual four times if her running form continues to develop positively. In the meantime I have taken denise herrmann out of the joker role. We have been seeing for weeks what she is capable of. Of course, her stability on the push stand is crucial. If everything fits, she can compete in the sprint. Franziska preub, maren hammerschmidt, vanessa hinz – they’re all athletes who can win a medal. But this goes more in the direction of not predictable.

Are two individual medals and a relay medal the goal??

Honey: I went home from the olympics very satisfied. And hopefully there will be a joint medal in the mixed relay with the men. Then we can go home and talk about a very good and successful olympic games for us.

About him: gerald honig has been the national coach of the german biathlon women since 2014. The 59-year-old succeeded uwe mussiggang.


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