Man has many faces

Man has many faces

"The man is simply outstanding. I was looking forward to him all day" swarmed hans reuscher from hofheim. With the "man he said helmut schleich, who performed for the habfurt cultural office in the habfurt town hall and was met with bravos and much applause from the audience.

First-class cabaret artist
For hans reuscher, the evening with the first-class, tv-known cabaret artist was exciting in two ways. For one thing, he was born in what is now the town hall, and for another, he liked the program "not with me" by helmut schleich extraordinary. "He has class and can parody so wonderfully", he stated "especially his role as franz-josef straub is non plus ultra!"

Ronald meisch from konigsberg was thrilled. "I already know him from tv and have seen him on stage. What I like about him is his profound and politically grandiose performances", he said. "His parodies are very good and his franz-josef straub-parody is already legendary."

You didn't have to be a clairvoyant to predict that helmut scheich was going to give his audience a stimulating and funny evening. Not only does he slip into different personas, such as the historian, the SS-rottenfuhrer, the revoluzzer, the fortune-teller or the eremite.

Incredible as FJS
He is always at his best when he pulls in his neck, raises his shoulders and rumbles as franz-josef straub. When he turns into benedict XVI with a broken voice and polished words. Transformed. When he appeared with top hat, female scarf, walking stick, and loose teeth as heinrich von horchen, the "singing teacher" by jopi heesters, performance, johannes paul II., imitating hans-jochen vogel and helmut schmidt or in a rigid pose imitating ottfried fischer and "ottis schlachthof aus habfurt presents.

But not only does he parody them uniquely, he also lets "his old egos comment on political and social life. Straub" rages: "the CSU could take an example from the conclave. There, the electors are locked up until a two-thirds majority is reached!"

Heinrich von horchen's excursions into greek mythology were also extremely humorous, starting with diogenes, continuing with sisyphus and ending with heracles. "How could the augias stables not be cleaned out for 30 years?? Even ilse aigner would have noticed that", he was sure.

Help from the psychologist
The parodies also have their own laws: "i must be careful that there is no hostile takeover", according to helmut schleich. Help from the "psychologist, who treats his patients with schlager lyrics, he didn't find. Also an "exorcism by benedict XVI. Was not successful.

He only said: "I have a case where a central franconian is afflicted by markus soder. This is really bad. But if you are occupied by straub as a bayer, you should not want to drive him out, you should see that as a mercy." Finally, helmut schleich let his figures compete against straub in a brilliant finale, until "johannes paul II"." Announced: "from is!" And the program came to an end to the enthusiastic applause of the spectators.


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