The guardian club unfinden raises the tension for the spectators at the push

The guardian club unfinden raises the tension for the spectators at the push

When you, as a connoisseur of old sliding systems, enter the guardhouse in unfinden with its eight sliding stands, you rub your eyes at first glance. Because a lot has changed there. There is no longer a need to stretch ropes to move the push cards, digitalization has taken hold there.

At each of the eight sliding stands there is a screen on which each shooter can see the result of his shot. At a distance of ten meters, a target lights up in various colors and coarsenesses, depending on whether you are shooting with an air rifle or an air pistol. Of course, the colors also play a role in the hits: "red" on the screen means that was a ten "yellow" stands for the nine "grun for all hits below.

China commemorates coronavirus victims with three minutes of silence

China has commemorated the deaths caused by the new coronavirus with three minutes of silence. Countrywide howled on chinese death memorial day saturday at 10.00 local time (04.00 o’clock CEST) the sirens. Also honked cars and ships love their horns sounding. National flags on public buildings and in chinese embassies around the world fly at half-mast.

The commemoration is in honor of "martyrs and compatriots who died in the fight against the epidemic," according to the council of state. On the "qingming festival", chinese people traditionally mourn their dead and go to the cemeteries to clean the graves. Usually flowers, food and other objects are laid for the dead and paper money and cigarette sticks are burned.

Sparkasse coburg-lichtenfels places high hopes on community of donors

Sparkasse coburg-lichtenfels places high hopes on community of donors

Doing good without bureaucratic hassle: this is what the savings bank coburg-lichtenfels wants to offer its customers. On friday the three board members siegfried wolki, roland vogel and martin faber founded the foundation community of the savings bank.

Foundation community means: if you want to permanently allocate capital to a good cause, you no longer have to establish your own foundation. He or she can give the designated capital to the endowment fund. The purpose of the proceeds is determined by the donor. Only the capital investment and the administration of the foundation are no longer his concern. This is done by deutsche stiftungstreuhand (furth) on behalf of the savings bank. The savings bank itself sees to it that the specified purpose of the foundation is adhered to and that the money goes to the institutions that the donor had in mind.

Trump threatens to close border with mexico

Trump threatens to close border with mexico

"If mexico does not immediately stop all illegal migration into the u.S. Across our southern border, i will close the border or major portions of the border next week," trump wrote on twitter friday. There is a "very rough probability" that this will happen. It’s so easy for mexico to do something about illegal migration, "but they just take our money and "talk," trump wrote further.

Mexico must stop the migrant caravans. "If they don’t stop it, we’ll close the border," trump said. This could include any trade. Mexico has had a massive trade surplus of $100 billion with the united states for years. "I don’t play games."

Forchheim’s mayor franz streit celebrates his 70th birthday on monday. Birthday

Forchheim's mayor franz streit celebrates his 70th birthday on monday. Birthday

Book printer and master burgrawer franz streit, who on monday, 18. November, his 70th. The city of ludwig-main-danube-canal crossed the city, when the increasing individual traffic flowed through the main street and cars parked on the parade and town hall squares. "As a child, forchheim was very easy to understand for me", says the jubilarian, whose trademarks are his trouser straps and the bicycle he rides through the city.

"At the canal harbor, not far from the preserved schleusenwarter house, where today there is a shopping center, i used to go ice skating and sledding on the weingartsteig trail. There was the ‘seven hills’, and there was not a single house in sight, franz streit remembers a little wistfully.

Rodental couple defend themselves against tree felling

It is one of those occasions when many of the people involved shrug their shoulders. But elke and manfred welsch do not do it. Symbolically speaking, they stomped on the ground with their fub, fighting for the existence of a stately oak tree in the residential area on mecklenburger strabe. But the chances that the tree will still be standing next year are not particularly high.

Last year, the owners' association decided that the tree had to be cut down. "The decision is legally binding and it is only a matter of time before the tree is cut down", says franz christ (chairman of the owners' association's advisory board), shrugging his shoulders. In the case of a community of owners, it is the majority that decides – and the majority has spoken clearly, only against the vote of the welsch family. But christ also admits: "it is the most beautiful and coarse tree in our plant."