Corona warning app expected in mid june

corona warning app expected in mid june

This is a realistic timeframe, according to government sources in berlin. As early as next week, the companies involved in the development, T-systems and SAP, plan to make initial information about the architecture and structure of the program code available for "open source" review by the general public.

In the first version, the app will focus very strongly on the core function of breaking infection chains, it continued. Only in a later second stage will it be possible to voluntarily donate data to a research server in order to gain even more knowledge. In addition, the possibilities for a europe-wide interaction of the app with the applications of other countries were considered during the development process.

Corona pandemic does not slow climate change in the long term

Although global carbon dioxide emissions fell by about 17 percent in april compared to the previous year in the face of the corona restrictions, according to a report published in new york by several un organizations.

By the beginning of june, however, daily CO2 emissions were already only about five percent below those of 2019. For the year as a whole, the authors of the report forecast a reduction of four to seven percent compared to the previous year’s figures.

Olympic fire in fukushima: “light at the end of the tunnel

A small lantern with the flame will be on display until the end of april at the J-village soccer training center near the ruins of the fukushima nuclear power plant, as the organizers of the games, which have been postponed to next year, announced at a handover ceremony. The access for the burghers is subject to restrictions for protection against the coronavirus. The flame was handed over to a representative of fukushima, where it was supposed to be on the 26th. March the torch relay should have started. Due to the postponement of the games for one year, the torch relay was also suspended for the time being.

The olympic flame was lit on 20. Marz arriving from greece at a military base in the neighboring province of miyagi. Regardless of the worries about the corona virus pandemic, on the following day around 55.000 japanese in the provincial capital sendai visited the fire. Organizers spoke of the "flame of recovery". In 2011, an earthquake and a resulting tsunami caused a natural disaster in the region, killing more than 18,500 people. Nuclear meltdowns subsequently occurred at the fukushima nuclear power plant.