Libya: migrants flee after failed crossing

Libya: migrants flee after failed crossing

Around 200 migrants who were also trying to flee were caught, she says. The people were part of a total of 280 people on board a ship that was intercepted during the crossing to europe this week. Among them were also women and children.

The libyan coast guard brought them back to the port of tripoli. There they were stuck on the ship of the coast guard, because there is always shelling in tripoli. On thursday evening, they were allowed to leave the ship, but had to stay in a landing center in the harbor, according to the IOM.

A civil war has been raging in libya since 2011. Troops of influential general chalifa haftar have advanced to tripoli, where the internationally recognized government is based.

IOM expressed extreme concern over uncertain fate of detained migrants. The 200 or so people who had been captured were taken to two camps. One of them is not an official institution. Critics repeatedly complain about massive violations of migrants’ human rights in libya. These are also threatened by fights and bombings.

In tripoli, the situation is getting worse because the water supply for more than two million people has been cut off for about a week. This was cut off by an armed group seeking to free detained family members, according to the U.N. The group had stormed a water distribution control station, according to libyan media reports. Such a collective punishment of millions of innocent people is abhorrent, said the UN emergency coordinator for libya, yacoub el hillo.


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