The district wants a seal of approval

In terms of education and school development, the district of habberge has a good name anyway. District administrator rudolf handwerker (CSU), in cooperation with all those responsible for education in the district, wanted the ministerial quality seal "educational region in bavaria" get. The official kick-off event, the first dialog forum for the process in which something like an overall educational policy concept is to be developed, took place on wednesday in the "silverfish", the support building at the school center in habfurt.
The district of habberge is responsible for two grammar schools, four secondary schools and the heinrich-thein vocational school and will invest well over 50 million euros in the buildings over the next few years. But the efforts don't end with the land, as district administrator handwerker explained during his welcoming speech. "We have taken on a pioneering role in the area of youth social work", he recalled, not only at the schools in his own jurisdiction, but also across the board at all secondary schools. He also said that the district is at the forefront of the expansion of all-day schools and the availability of childcare places.

Broad foundation
The process that has now been started can build on a broad foundation, since the "school development working group" was established ten years ago founded. Here, educators from kindergarten to vocational school work together with politicians and develop solutions for concrete problems, such as remedial teaching or the pedagogical concepts for all-day teaching. The "soft step" project was established here. The accompanied transition between the different types of schools is an essential pillar of the education region.
Craftsman buried it expressively that the ministry of education with the initiative "bildungsregionen in bayern" now approaches those responsible for education in the region. Expressively, the district administrator emphasized that it is not a matter of making as many people as possible into academics. However, every young person should have the best possible opportunities for development. At the same time, there is a need for a good adult education system. Rudolf handwerker sees the first step as being an overall concept for the district of habberge, with which "we can apply for the quality seal of education region in bavaria.
Both the vice president of the government, andreas metschke, and the senior ministerial councilor, stefan graf, from the ministry of education, praised the district of habberge for its commitment to education and schools. It was recognized at an early stage that the education offered in a region is also an important location factor, because "today, companies go where the qualified specialists are", explained metschke, who is also the demographic commissioner at the government of lower franconia. Gert weib, the ministerial representative for grammar schools in lower franconia, described the subject of educational transitions in the district as exemplary.

Burger award for barbara kick and gerhard kading

Barbara kick reports on children who don’t know kohlrabi or how to peel carrots at the table. She has just been awarded the burger prize for her life’s work. Her laudator, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU), had previously highlighted her initiative to care for sick children of working parents.

"Kanguru" highlights the offer that kick has launched through the german housewives association erlangen, also for emergencies in the city and county of forchheim. "We are looking for helpers who can go to the home of a sick child," she says, kick combines thanks for award with search for successor.

Few chances for a unified community

The topic was rejected with 8:1 votes. There should not be another meeting or a citizens' survey. Mayor konrad weingart (CSU and electoral community) had carefully collected many arguments for a unified municipality and also some against it. The municipal councils received a corresponding working paper. He put the emphasis on a merger of the municipalities of euerdorf, ramsthal and sulzthal. The municipality of aura remained at first in front of.

As an argument for the coarse community, weingart mentioned the already existing water supply, the community clearing plant or also the association school. The presence of various supply and disposal lines, such as broadband, ducts to the clearing plant or water pipes, also speaks in favor of a unified municipality. The water supply and the broadband connection of the ramsthal resettlers will be provided by the municipality of sulzthal. The tiresome issue of billing the clearing system on the basis of population equivalents was also eliminated by billing in a single municipality.

40 Years of being there for children

40 years of being there for children

A special anniversary was celebrated by the st.-johannes-verein oberthulba celebrate. Michaela zink has been working in the day care center for 40 years and was honored by the association’s chairman jurgen weigand during a ceremony. On 1. In september 1979, she began her training as an educator in the kindergarten in oberthulba and has been working continuously for the st.-johannesverein in action. Since then, michaela zink has prepared the majority of the inhabitants of oberthulba, wittershausen, hassenbach and schlimpfhof for school and life and laid the foundation for children to become mouthy and independent people. "Michaela zink is a role model for all of us with her dedication and empathy", emphasized chairman weigand during his acceptance speech. "Supporting parents in raising their children is much more than just work for them. The children show that they are passionate and wholeheartedly involved, and that does them good. Several generations of the community can now confirm this". For several years, michaela zink was also the director of the kindergarten, and when the st.-johannes association ten years ago decided to open a group for young children, it was immediately engaged in a leading position there, too. This was a major contribution to the "spatzennest from the beginning it was positively perceived by the population and became a successful concept. The board of directors thanked michaela zink with a bouquet of flowers, and the entire kindergarten team took the opportunity to celebrate the 40th anniversary with her.


“I am especially ashamed of my former school, the mgf.”

To the article "climate protection with headwinds (BR from 21./22. September) is written to us: it was rather a "friday for omas& grandpa's" on the market square in kulmbach. These were there with great descriptions and in large numbers. Stand up for the future of their grandchildren. Sadly, however, so few companies could bring themselves to exchange profit for commitment, at least for an hour. Much sadder, however, was the fact that only 30 schoolgirls dared to attend their own event, many of them because they had a free period anyway.

The schools in kulmbach are to be given a poor report card here. In my view, they have clearly failed in their educational mission. Because, dear school administrators and teachers: political education and civil courage belong – especially today – just as much as science, languages and so on. We have all noticed that there was pressure from the ministry of education. That our teachers for the 3. (!) worldwide climate strike – so it's not about being absent every friday – not finding a way around it, or looking for it at all, i find that very disappointing.

The one with the green thumb

Apprentices in the gartner trade in lower franconia have been released these days. Among them are two young men from the habberg mountains. "We have the most versatile profession", dominik krefft and fabio weingold are unanimous in their opinion. Since saturday they are officially gardeners in the field of horticulture and landscaping. They received their certificates together with almost 90 other graduates from lower franconia in their field of specialization as well as in landscaping, ornamental plant and fruit growing and perennial and cemetery gardening at a central graduation ceremony in waigolshausen (district of schweinfurt).

Daily commute to work
From limbach and kirchlauter, where their previous training companies are located, they will in future carry out their work at changing locations with private or public clients.

“Assi-tv”: is our youth remote-controlled??

When aileen, lena, katharina and david come home from school, the first thing they do is reach for the remote control. TV on – head off. Just come down, relax, let yourself be sprinkled – not having to think about anything anymore. The same programs always flicker across their screens: "berlin tag und nacht" ("berlin day and night"), "families in focus, "the school investigators" and many others have long been part of your everyday life. Up to four hours a day they look into the tubes. "I just need it", says aileen. "I couldn't do without it, it would be a horror", thinks lena.

We are talking about "assi-TV, that is, the morning and afternoon programs of private broadcasters, which are also often "scripted reality" is called. Despite the script, dialogues are mostly improvised, actions and life situations are staged. Lower social classes in particular are often portrayed in a derogatory way, the reality is falsified. Aileen, lena, katharina and david from class 9. The first class of the middle school in kitzingen-iphofen as well as other schools from the district dealt with the theory and showed their own presentations about the negative consequences of "assi-tv" at the youth district meeting yesterday showed.