Another dispute over the kleinsendelbach multipurpose hall

About 60 citizens came to the multipurpose hall, which was inaugurated last year, to hear from mayor gertrud werner (UWG) about the development of their community, which has a population of 1,520.

On the subject of the multipurpose hall, innkeeper wilhelm holzmann, who as an immediate neighbor had repeatedly demonstrated with transparency against the construction and the costs of 1.8 million euros, denounced the high level of indebtedness. The new building is completely excessive for a small community like kleinsendelbach and has led a previously debt-free municipality into a financial crisis. When mayor werner wanted to see the beginning of all the jubilation in her preganger and asked the question into the rough hall, what the then burghers might have said if she had simply stopped the shell construction, she earned loud applause. She expressed the opinion that many citizens are proud of their multipurpose hall today.

Regarding the DSL expansion, which was described as too slow by several listeners, the deputy managing director of the VG, bernhard weber, as broadband sponsor, made it clear: the twelve-month deadline for DSL expansion by the cooperation partner econtec/P2-systems does not end until april of the following year.

Grants also next year

In the meantime, however, the government has announced that the state subsidies will also be available next year. He still assumes that the expansion can be completed by april or may 2013: "although most of the required areas were allowed to be located on public land, if radio installations have to be erected on private land, one still has to consider whether to build per easement or purchase wants to get hold of these flats."

At the same time, however, bernhard weber also pointed out that the municipality could only create the technical prerequisites for the event. Because of higher transmission rates, however, the citizens had to turn to the network operators themselves.


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