“This only happens once in bavaria”

Oberhaid – "you do the attacking, I am the defender", the chairman of the RSC concordia klaus ott calls out to the oberhaider mayor carsten joneitis. Meanwhile, sonja vetter, the second chairwoman of the RSC, has positioned herself in the goal. Lothar dressel, his sign 3. Board of the 1. FC oberhaid is ready for the flank. Long the responsible persons of the two oberhaider fubball clubs did not have to ask themselves, in order to start against each other to the small derby. The occasion is for both clubs a pleasant, as well as a unique: the first and second team of FC oberhaid and the first team of RSC concordia oberhaid have become champions in their leagues: the FCO is champion of the district league west and now has the opportunity in the deciding games to advance to the state league: "this is the greatest success in the 84-year club history", explains lothar dressel. The second team has become A-class champion in group 4 and the RSC is champion in the A-class 2.

Together in one group?

So it could soon come to the legendary derbies between the FC and the RSC again in regular play – if they are placed in the same playing group. The encounters between the rival clubs have always been a source of excitement. The first one took place in the 1983/84 season, as lothar dressel quickly looked up in his old match records. The last derby was two years ago. It has always been something special to play against the RSC, says carsten joneitis, who himself played for FC oberhaid: "you easily had 600 to 700 spectators there. And there were just two fan camps that supported their team, the emotions were always quite high there."

The mayor is sure that the derbies are good for the clubs just because of the youth work and because of the spectators "there are also some from outside", RSC chairman klaus ott interjects and tries to describe the clash: "the spectators are just even more behind their team than usual." Joneitis adds: "it’s comparable to nurnberg against furth or bayern munchen against the sixties" – the best thing, however, is to get together after the game and have a beer together, says the burgermeister.

The success of the three oberhaid soccer teams is definitely the number one topic of conversation in the village. The enthusiasm has spread to most of the inhabitants "they are all happy with the teams", says sonja vetter. Even the youngest soccer players, the five- and six-year-olds who play together in the youth team of both clubs, talk about nothing else, says carsten joneitis, who also coaches the little players. "A community with two soccer clubs and three championships to its credit – there’s no other like it in bavaria, says the mayor with not unmistakable pride in his voice.

Today party for players and fans

it’s a unique event for the small town, and for this reason it has invited football players and fans to the championship reception on the town hall square. Today at 6 p.M. The three champion teams were allowed to sign the golden book of the community. "We also organized a DJ", so joneitis, because in the connection is to be celebrated together. The thanks for the sporty successes applies apart from the coaches, so lothar dressel summarizes it: "all, which work something in the association", the responsible persons of FC and RSC agree, and also the mayor nods approvingly.


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